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  1. We know Tinashe creates amazing Boos either as a write or producer. I would love for her to contribute with a couple of songs for Britney's next álbum. Can you imagine Britney singing songs like these. It would be a new sound for her. Make it happen please. They like each other, they have worked together and belong to the same récord company.
  2. Oh no, I was rooting for her. She's an amazing performer, she reminds me a lot of Britney during her DWAD era. Her songs are amazing especially Aquarius. I don't really know what it has to happen for her to reach her full potential.
  3. This look and performance is very underrated, she literally looked like DWADney here.
  4. I loved this original one
  5. https://www.google.com.mx/amp/s/www.billboard.com/amp/articles/columns/pop/7784744/britney-spears-broadway-musical Appareantly there were some talks that a musical was in the works based on Britney songs. There were some pictures a few months ago where Britney went to see the rehearsals. I couldn't find those pictures.
  6. Britney needs to go back to profesional make up and stylist for every single public appearance. I don't Care how she dresses and has her hair at home
  7. What about the Broadway musical with her songs, we saw her going to the rehearsals, maybe She's going to announce it. I think it's too soon to announce the residency but who knows. I would want a Netflix documentary POM Dvd release with behind the scenes footage I would like the perfume footage to be a new single and music video
  8. warioaddams

    video LMAO this Candies promo video

    Funny Af, but is this the beginning of Femme Fataleney? She started to sound and look different here.