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  1. She's always used diaries where she would write her poems, songs and thoughts. I'm sure she has notes about things that had happened in her life.
  2. OMG so now is the fanbase against The Spears family? There's our last hope. What can we do now if the think that about us. Everything that we have done is for Britney's well being, are we the only ones that care about her.
  3. I'm so ****##ng mad right! Britney Spears, a millionaire had problems with WiFi. So unreal, I can't believe it.
  4. It's getting bigger the crowd is getting bigger! I wonder what media outlets are reporting it?
  5. It's spreading worldwide. Britney is an international artist afterall. Everyone is repording it.
  6. It would be a good idea to connect via zoom and all fans around the world can interact and discuss Britney's situation live. Breatheheavy should be the host. @Jordan Miller
  7. This is huge! We are not gonna stop until Britney is free. #freebritney #freebritney2020 #britneyslifematters
  8. Aaron Carter speaks out in support of the #FreeBritney movement! Carter hopped on Instagram live to speak his mind regarding the re-energized initiative to dissolve the legal restraints placed upon Britney Spears. "She deserves a chance," he says, addressing Britney's father and mother. "Give her a chance to be a woman and not feel that she can't feel anymore because of you guys. It's not right... you guys work her to death and she doesn't have any sort of normalcy in her life and it's because of this." "I stand with Britney," he added. "People can learn from their mistakes and learn from certain things that they didn't do right, or maybe they weren't taught growing up." "It's really sad that people will go out of their way to kind of drive you crazy, make you seem crazy, push you push you, and push you... then deem you unfit." Check it out below. #freebritney #freebritney2020 #britneyslifematters
  9. Maybe she wants to know how her money has been handled and if they see something shady and corrupt, they can fight back. At least this is what I want to think.
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