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  1. But it says Larry gave 2% of his cut and it reads as if Larry is still the OVERALL manager and is being nice to Jaime because Jaime helped out. It doesn't say Jaime took over Larry's duties, he supported and helped further the Britney machine. I just want to understand how important Jamie is to the professional side of things. I know he's conservator but Larry is clearly still the bonafide manager. Edit: I find it highly unlikely too that the court would let any person be Conservator and Overall Manager. There's no checks and balances that way and zero segregation of duties or transparency.
  2. Ok, I will admit that I might be missing your point. I'm stating that the Conservatorship (and her management) doesn't come to a dead halt because Jamie is ill. There is a Co-Conservator and I'm pretty sure there was an assistant manager behind the scenes. Are you saying that because he is ill Britney had to basically put her career on hiatus as he isn't there to basically sign off on things? I'm genuinely confused.
  3. That's not how these legal structures operate and its really not that costly and time intensive. Jamie wasn't the only conservator anyways, I'm pretty sure there was a lawyer as well so the "Britney Conservatorship" would continue as is and probably invoked the postponement. I'm pretty sure if we saw the legal documents it would show the Conservator (not Jamie, the other one) signing off on the postponement on behalf of Britney. So the Conservatorship is still very alive.
  4. But Jamie isn't the only conservator though, I believe that there is a co-conservator? So her dad being there doesn't mean all of Britney's legal decision making stops. What you said doesn't add up. And in any event, this legal structure would provide for instances where a conservator is unable to fulfill their duties. I'm not sure you guys understand how these things work. They could also EASILY go to the court and get someone else appointed given these circumstances. Can we finally through this conservatorship talk out?
  5. I'd disagree and say its a personal decision with implications on her professional life. Its cause and effect: she decided to be with her father which led to the postponement. The ultimate and overarching decision was to be with her father (personal decision). My post is about that decisions and no others because quite frankly all subsequent decisions are totally dependent on the first, regardless as to whether she or her team made it. Let's be honest, Britney probably suggested the postponement, as a normal human would do given a family crisis. And even if her team "made" the decision, can you blame them? I apologize if I misunderstood your post as the sentence structure and grammar wasn't clear.
  6. But why are we trying to pick apart Britney's personal decisions?
  7. Again I ask: Why does there need to be another reason apart from her wanting to be with her ailing father???????? Why can't you just accept that and move on? Nothing Britney says/does is enough for you guys!
  8. LOL you're kidding, right? Please tell me you're joking. Britney's dad is ill so #GetNaked ?
  9. Fair consideration? Why does there need to be a multi-factorial decision? Why isn't her father's health sufficient to be the only reason. Why is that not enough? This is what I don't understand. It's almost as if, come hell or high-water, Britney can't make a decision in her own self-interest without there being some ulterior agenda...
  10. So you're suggesting her team *might* have sat and thought "ok lets generate some controversy by saying your dad is really ill and you are going on hiatus".
  11. Why are low ticket sales even a consideration in this postponement???????????? Someone please explain this to me.
  12. Do you understand that your health condition, especially after a major organ fails, is erratic and can make a change for the worst even though you were considered to be "recovering"? Do you understand how fragile health is? Do you understand that he might have been better two months ago than he is TODAY?
  13. I sometimes wonder about the comprehension skills of some of the posters here.
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