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  1. ubritney

    exhale Her eyes -- "I got this sh!t"

    Like honestly when I saw her during the Onyx Hotel Tour, her energy was through the roof man. That’s why she’s an icon; she’s got star power. And at that moment in time she knew she was the hottest thing out there and she owned it. It all seemed so easy to her and her eyes... I’ve never seen such eyes. She could have lit fires with them. So confident and so on top of her game. I’ll never forget it!
  2. Well, at least they support their artist through and through you know... some people here should take note. No but seriously, the only problem is, Britney is not respected for her artistry these days. And she should, because she has done so much. But because she’s not constantly crying and saying how hard she’s had it, not opening up, people think she has no depth. Because she’s so pretty, and bubby, it’s like they think she accomplished what she has because of her looks only when we know that’s not the case. Other female popstars milk their breakups and rough patches like cray. Britney is just doing Britney Spears. And she deserves all the respect in the world. Because she paved the way for other female artists not only artistically but also for people to have a better understanding of what celebs go through and for backing off when they go through a hard time. I hope people learned from what they made Britney endure.
  3. ubritney

    other Britney drawing

    Some people are so talented! The *NSYNC song playing in the bg though lol.
  4. My thoughts exactly! Her looks in that original video... with her hair up like that though. f**k me.