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  1. i don't know tbh. i feel sorry for the guy but at the same time i'm trying to get in britney's shoes....of course she should have been more respecful BUT let's remember that she's just a regular human being like everybody else (altough extremely rich thanks to us fans) and doin' all this meet and greets can take a toll on her. i mean i can see myself not feeling all this every single night....i don't like being touched by strangers or love meeting people every single day and let's be honest,,,, fans can be scary sometimes! In his defense he PAID a lot of money so she should be grateful too and show respect too. it's time for her to stop living like a teenager and handle things as the adult that she is and fans should bear in mind that she's a human being, not your *****! no one wins here
  2. Maybe cause it’s more difficult for her to sing an entire song in that register. From previous live performances we can see how she struggles to keep it and then either she cracks or alters with her natural tone (which she should stick to it by now since she’s no longer a newbie)
  3. Better this than a cover of some country singer....i mean...do somth off script a la you oughtta know from the circus tour...even just once.
  4. SInce there are some songs on the setlist which don’t make any sense (bom and tomh which are amazing songs but were not singles) at this point she could go raw and simple (just what she said in i am bj) and perform someday. After all is an intimate beautiful song about becoming a mother....and since she defines a mother first, that would be completely logical. And make me ad well. Too underrated. What a waste of a potential huge hit
  5. so britney if you really like Milano better, get your *** here in Italy then. we've been waiting since 2000-f**kin-4!
  6. When i was 13 my father caught me in the living room doing the matm routine while the music video was playing i wanted to disappear!
  7. For real? Are you kiddin' me or what? Back then EVERYONE complained about every little single specific things about circus tour....outfits, no choreos, no interaction , lypsynching, she was bashed really hard. i remember a point when 3 music video was released where fans raved about the dance routine and if we do look back now to that we'd think it's really basic. well not that make me choreos is good....anyway i think production wise it was maybe her biggest show...in some way the prime britney swag was (on selected nights) there but you could notice how she still needed to recover and how unconfortable she felt .....some reviews pointed in the right direction ....that is the big production and that many dancers felt like SHE WASN'T the star of the show. i'd be happy to see her in that kind of set on stage but with better choreography (let's be real...dwad/oht/ britney won't come back)
  8. she also came here in italy for the versace thing back in 2002 glory went n. 1 and it's her first n. 1 album ever here in italy SO she should tour over here (if she's gonna tour again ever) don't get me started with silly common things as pizza, mafia spaghetti **** it bothers me every single ****** time. ciao a tutti gente
  9. 1 think about you 2 dear diary 3 that's where you take me 4 brave new girl 5 radar 6 my baby 7 big fat bass 8 chillin' with you 9 what you need
  10. shitty article with wrong fact and dates...i pass
  11. yes i did. the only concert i went to...it was toht on milan....outstanding....too bad i was 15 at the time so i didn't enjoy it as i would nowadays.
  12. i don't want to start a meltdown or jump on it but tbh i was pretty disappointed with the "official"one they released plus it makes no sense to throw the whole video if it was too racy...edit it with only the good parts...all the dancing...the bulldozer scene....honestly i found the audition one too girly and silly....at moments immature...it's not that to have a gr8 video she must be a ****...but it's such a weaste of money, time and hope...the song has quality factor and the video should be a quality video too....i hope they'll release the original one....and won't stay with this basic and bland version.....don't get me wrong she's cute, sexy and beautiful but it feels just not right.
  13. un collega siciliano su exhale....mi fa persino strano scriverlo! :) benvenuto :)

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      ciao mi piace succhiare grandi cazzi



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