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  1. All these delays are not working in her favor. Not a single pop artist took this much time off music and came back strong. fans and the GP move on.
  2. i was going through some seriously dark stuff back then. I’m so glad it is in the past.
  3. The album was all over the place. Too many sounds. Too eclectic for its own good. However, there were some solid tracks like Lift Me Ip, Prima Donna and Monday Morning.
  4. This is about being free and also about celebrating and kissing the past goodbye.
  5. Last time I checked the charts was in 2010 I think. The system is rigged. Same goes for award shows.
  6. I like this version more than the original because it has more Rihanna especially the good part.
  7. Battle! - Elite Four. Call me a nerd but this is a jam.
  8. Check out the Atomic Blonde version. It’s SO good.
  9. Call me outdated but I like very few artists from the last decade let alone the last 5 years bring back the 2000s.
  10. Man I love Kanye but he used the racism card about ten years ago and I ain’t having none of that again. Next.
  11. Madonna looks a lot like Gwen Stefani in that picture.
  12. About time. Although she pales in comparison to Gaga’s double standards.
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