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  1. Sam seems nice and is absolutely GORGEOUS. I wouldn't feel too bad for Britney, at least in this area of her life.
  2. IMO the problem is Britney is mentally ill. Does anyone want to be in a conservatorship? No. But some people need to be in one, and unfortunately I'm leaning towards thinking she does. You can tell she's just... not well. I wish her the best, always.
  3. I'm thinking she's purposely going out to be seen looking healthy and good so that there won't be another 2007 situation where theres so much mystery and paps are hounding her everywhere.
  4. Isn't it possible that Britney didn't mind them "using her mental disorder" to get out of the contract with MGM? They probably all would've been out millions of dollars otherwise. Ps LOL at that summary. Nice job!
  5. It's not necessarily fair to say Britney's parents were "stage parents" -- Britney clearly loved singing, dancing, and performing. It's likely she loved it SO much for many reasons, including as an escape from whatever was happening at home (Jamie's drinking, potential abuse, etc) -- so, it's a complicated situation.
  6. OT but I'm trying to follow all these stories and this site is a DISASTER. The endless popups, lag time, etc -- anyone else have this issue?
  7. LOL at the conspiracy theorists saying this looks like 2018 --- do you look completely different from last year? We just saw her days ago and she looks exactly the same. If anything, she's put on a few lbs and it looks that way in this yoga post. Some of y'all need to get a hobby and a GRIP!
  8. I'm not sure this whole "don't support Britney's new music or tour" idea is a good one -- we've heard from Britney herself that she absolutely loves singing and dancing. Performing is probably the ONLY part of her life she still enjoys -- even though she clearly lacks the confidence she used to have.
  9. ^ Things like that I believe are orders FROM Britney. IMO she doesn't want to deal with being stared at and has little to no interest in meeting other people to mooch off her.
  10. I obviously could be wrong but I interpret Britney's feeling of being in "jail" as a consequence of fame, not necessarily her team. She has said many times how sad it is that she can't just walk down the street or go to the mall like a normal person -- that's not her team's fault, that's her life. IMO she had no idea what she was getting into when she was a kid and never necessarily wanted this life -- but, at this point, she's one of the biggest stars on the planet. She can't just become "unfamous" - there's no turning back.
  11. Ok, by now I've changed my mind. Britney is "fine" and we all just need to leave it be. We have no idea what's going on behind closed doors, but I'd imagine the added stress of speculation and paparazzi are the exact opposite of what she wants.
  12. Yep. Britney IS her brand and people love her, the person, no matter what. It's SUCH a shame her team doesn't realize they just need to let her be herself.
  13. I think it's really hard to know how bad the "controlling" is without knowing what Britney's medical diagnosis is. Remember when Dr Phil said he visited her in 2007 and his quote was something like "the situation is much worse than I could've ever imagined". It's possible that Britney is extremely ill and not taking medication would be life-threatening. Until we know for sure, we don't know enough.
  14. Slumber Party video >>>> this It's still slightly better than the one we got I guess!
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