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    tour London stage WILL have catwalk

    and I hope they bring back all of the original wigs from POM 1.0 you guys had forgotten about those, han?
  2. Jean-Philippe

    exhale What's Britney's more masculine perfumes?

    Anything but prerogative at this point
  3. Jean-Philippe

    other 6 New Shirts at Ardene, Rue 21 and Macys

    We have these stores everywhere in Canada
  4. Great choreography but i didn’t like that she is representing people with mental disorders as weird/crazy zombies
  5. I got it today and I regret it so bad it smells exactly like Fantasy I can’t tell which is which very feminine I wanted something like One from Calvin Klein
  6. Jean-Philippe

    rumor Theory about the Advert - There's more to come

    Nice — getting a 1000 more products instead of new music