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  1. You’re joking, right? Please rethink your question.
  2. Daisies feature confirmed. Passenger as next single confirmed. #StreamSmile
  3. Thank you for the information and happy for you!💜
  4. Has this type of stuff happened in your life a lot? To the point where you are a big believer?!! Seriously intrigued. Just thinking about stuff happening makes it happen? Sorry if I sound ignorant.
  5. Yesss so good too bad this song isn’t a Britney original
  6. my brain dead *** thought you wrote "Everytime" and i had a real moment.
  7. The dying whale sound at start of Make Me... jk, I never really minded it. Sounds coo
  8. Not to be vile but Britney could **** into a speaker and I’d support it....gimme that hot Danja beat gurrrrl
  9. Yeah I’m getting a little upset with this Katy hate. I just played her on shuffle today (“ALEXA- PLAY KATY PERRY”) and she is actually still on....right now it’s Choose Your Battles (babe...then you win the war). And Her music isn’t bad. It’s good music. And as I said in a prior post she’s a human being. Leave her alone. Why bully someone when we are so hyper protective of Britney and people shaming her? Hypocrites much? Stop. Choose your battles, babe. Cause I’m not fighting anymore.
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