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  1. Where is the Britney Army tho? Queen is getting dragged to hell and back.
  2. Wondering the eff out of this as well. Where is our girl, y'all. She's never disappeared like this before.
  3. Honestly, this has been her quietest birthday ever.
  4. And then you go ahead and say nonsensical **** like that with what is currently the most epic **** anime out there as your profile pic. Everything that comes out of your computer is toxic as **** and unfortunately makes its way to exhale. Like sis, don't you get tired of your cynic *** getting dragged, downvoted, shaded, and thrown around like a rag doll on Exhale on the daily. God help these mad locas from exhale. Pure entertainment.
  5. All these fake fans, drama queens and locas who haven't attended one single show of Britney's Piece of Me are the first turds that appear on these threads acting as if their trash *** opinions count when they havent been through one single show to compare. But only seen YouTube videos of it Britney Spears did tours a hundred times better and bigger than these tours and some 20 years ago. These artists are finally catching up to what was her past tour output. And some didn't even existed. Voting for the Queen.
  6. Already late. It's there in the first page. I'm all here to see these "fans" fake concerning when Britney does something good then ready to turn in there fan card and talk mad **** about her the moment something doesn't line up with what their entitled ***** were expecting.
  7. Wow at the receipts that were revealed in this thread about his immature wife. He had it really good with Britney, to be honest. And if I were Britney with all my multi-millions and millions of dollars....i would have ****** his **** several times during touring and then eventually move on to Sam. I actually think they for real might have ****** since Britney let him have his way around her. She gave him air time in her music videos, made him dance captain, increase his pay-rate, she took him everywhere with him, etc. You can not have a snack like Chase hanging out with you in every city of the world and not do him. It's impractical. And his wife deserves it if she's THAT insecure about him. Britney is way too much of a woman for her and she is FUMING about it
  8. I noticed that he is following all the big musician celebrities on Instagram. Even musicians he has never worked with before. And now it has come to my attention that he unfollowed Britney?. Britney essentially put him on the map by giving him airtime in her music videos and allowed him to be dance captain on her Vegas mega shows. Like, Britney single-handely created a career for this dude with a lot of exposure and opportunities. Anybody knows What happened? Did they had a fall out or something?
  9. Educate WHO tho lmao Britney, hun, go and get another four years of Vegas residency just to make these locas fume.
  10. No, you CAN STILL take several sits and them some. The **** that you are doing is meaningless. Britney DONT GOT to be like no one. You dont like the way she's managing her brand, THATS ON YOU. I dont give a **** about what Janet does at 78. Britney isnt her, period. Britney functions by her own set of rules and so does Janet. Because you are not content with Britney's current output should not give you the right to put her down for the benefit of another artist. Ya'll do nothing but completely tear her apart and put her down 24/7 on this website. SIT the **** down and go cry more.
  11. Britney Spears and her stack of multi-millions of records sold should take notes from no one. Check yourself and take a sit or two on your way out.
  12. Artsy Fartsy WiFi I love My WiFi Fans WiFi is cool and faded I'm going Through WiFi Like a Karate Kid
  13. Her energy was on fire on the VMA's. I loved that her return was on point so that she can start building from there. We STILL have the Apple Music Festival to observe her grow, y'all. Shes been slaying and we gotta stan for this new her.
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