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  1. What the hell? Only $289k?!?! Are homes in Louisiana that cheap??? You can only get a mobile home for that price here in SoFlo
  2. Don’t Cry...I know it’s a Britney Jean song so most people automatically dismiss that album but I can’t lie...It’s one of my favorite songs! Plus I feel like it helped me move on from my ex and find closure.
  3. Jordan, not only Breathe Heavy is iconic, but you are as well. I’ve been here since the beginning (not always posting) but I remember checking the forum since it started, even when I still didn’t understand English that well. You have gone through so much **** because of this website that sometimes I’m amazed you are still here, but know that me and so many people are grateful for you and this forum. you rock!
  4. Most of the rumors they discredited were about people in the conservatorship and not about Britney herself, so I wouldn’t doubt if they were all true. There were many rumors Jason was abusive and controlling.
  5. So it’s cool and woke when other celebrities talk about their vulnerabilities but it’s only unstable when Britney decides to open up and be vulnerable? Makes total sense
  6. I’m sad they gave up on it. I have a bra and panties from the collection and I like them. Are there better brands out there? Yes...But it wasn’t bad either. It seems that she always sets the trend and then people follow her steps and do it better. I hope one day she creates her own lifestyle brand.
  7. There’s nothing bad in going to the beach with people that don’t have the virus. People shouldn’t give her any backlash. You cannot get the virus from someone that doesn’t have the virus. Maybe they all got tested and are negative. If you see the photo Cade posted they are against some rocks and they are not close to other people. As long as they follow the local law, it’s ok.
  8. I hate to say this but it caught my attention, plus I love the main actress (I don’t remember her name but she’s from the show Reba)
  9. Isn’t this Topanga? Or maybe she’s not and I’m looking like a fool
  10. I need Britney to get a TikTok and do a bunch of the voiceovers...She is so funny!!!
  11. I’m confused. Neither the tweet or the actual screenshot suggests he was saying that to Britney, he even tagged the guy he was responding to. I don’t support The Zone Pop-up crap, but he was defending her here. Not the best way to do so and still unprofessional...But, he was defending her.
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