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  1. That’s ******* depressing...I hate her dad so much, this is all his fault. Evil scumbag.
  2. Leaving the forum for a while for my own sanity. I find it disheartening and sad how ready you all are to give more money to Team Con and indirectly contributing to that abusive narcissist aka her father. And this is all after the majority of this forum swore they were not going to support any material released before she’s freed from the constraints and abuse of her father. She clearly stated she was refusing to work until he’s out of the picture and yet most fans are eating this up and forgetting her wishes.
  3. I’m disappointed to see so many fans supporting this. She literally said through her lawyer she REFUSES to work while her father is still in control, and somehow the same people that scream Free Britney are the first ones to forget her wishes. I don’t care if Britney herself posts a video saying to support this damn album. She said the same thing for Britney The Loucifer Zone Experience and THROUGH HER LAWYER we found out she was not involved in that and she refused to appear....But of course you’ll believe a fan site when it fits your narrative and not the words of Britney herself. Downvote me all you want, I stand for Britney and her freedom and I decide to listen to her wishes that she communicated through her lawyer to the court, and not some forced Instagram post or a Britney fan site.
  4. I think it's clear why...Britney herself said through her lawyer she refuses to work while her dad is in control. I'm sure she did the bare minimum until she finally gained enough confidence to make a full stop until he's removed. Not everything in her life has to do with what the fans want.
  5. I'm not even mad they're milking Glory this much tbh...It's one of her best albums. What makes me mad is they're doing this without her approval or involvement which means I can't enjoy this
  6. Agreed. Im not supporting this or anything she releases until she is free from her abusive father. Britney was extremely clear when she said through her lawyer she REFUSES to work while her father is in control.
  7. She was specific and very direct when she said she does not want to work while her father is controlling her. I don’t understand why Exhale is so excited with this song...She literally said she doesn’t want to work and refused to, the day before this.
  8. Mr. S is everything but random. He has announced multiple releases when the rest of the world is clueless. He’s been 100% spot on with Taylor, Miley, Gaga, Britney & Selena.
  9. I can’t with this nonsensical and irrational fearmongering ——— Anyway, Britney looks adorable and she seems in a pretty good headspace! I love seeing her this happy. She must know everything is going according to plan and I’m sure she’ll be free soon.
  10. There are things by law she cannot say publicly or else it could jeopardize the investigation and it could harm Britney legally speaking.
  11. Seriously? Britney literally said she DOES NOT WANT TO WORK while her father is her conservator. She said she is scared of him. Britney has nothing to do with this release. It’s her evil father using her a racehorse like he said so himself. We should NOT be enablers of her abuse.
  12. So yesterday she says she literally DOES NOT want to work while her father is her conservator. She said she is SCARED of him....And yet some of y’all seem to have forgotten that today. I won’t listen to this and I refuse to support this evil movement by her father.
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