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  1. Kylie Vs Tove Lo .... WoW i'm a big fail i just learned about it It's so beautifull ....
  2. At this point fans have already asked her to wear every possible color ... so is it still relevant?
  3. Well, conclusion is that eventhough Ariana is ahead, short term trends tend to favor Billie or Dua depending on their future deliveries ..... Interesting And i'm featured on the main page for the first time
  4. I'm not able to insert but here you are: https://www.instagram.com/crazygooodz/
  5. A failure .... i tried to link my Instagram but i always fail to do so so .... i surrendered
  6. I've been listening to her since few months now ... She had a couple of previous songs from 4, 5 years ago that i was listening to so much it's pure fun and the thing with her is that the 'new' her got a specific style and vocals .... fresh and new
  7. Who's the bigger superstar between these three?
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