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  1. There are probably many stories like this , i hope that more people will speak up. I've always thought that the c-ship made her more shy and nervous. We know that Britney has anxiety. If you are constantly controlled and monitored by people around you, how can your anxiety not get worse? Anxiety makes you evaluate yourself in your mind and try to be perfect and think how do i look, what should i say, do........countless worries. Having people around also evaluating you must be a nightmare. Eventually you say and do less just to avoid any mistakes hence the change in her personality after the c-ship.
  2. This is like 2010 all over again, it shows how successful this conservatorship has been It is heartbreaking that she's still in this kind of situation in 2019 I just wish she will be at peace at last.
  3. That Change Your Mind doesn't end with the 'I can see it in your eyes...' part. She sounds SO good in that part, it should've been in the last chorus too. also the song would be longer this way as 2:59 min is not enough
  4. This was so disturbing and unnecessary. Seriously, it's been f**cking 8 years.. seems like they'll never let her forget.
  5. First Miley and now Selena? :yousabitch: :yousabitch: :yousabitch:
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