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  1. Since she's asking for some help from the fans I don't think she'll be approaching Britney's team or the producers or the writers... so get ready for what we already know.
  2. Just Fu€k off ! I never liked him The music video was released like 17 years ago !!!! Why bring up this story now !!! Why bring it up while Brintey is in the middle of a conservatorship battle and fighting for her freedom...... really ! why ! It's like everybody wants a piece of her ? Besides, Since he feels like sharing! Why doesn't he share what was happening to Britney behind closed doors, maybe something that could help her legal battle !!!!!
  3. Born to make you happy Lucky Overprotected Toxic My prerogative Gimme More If U seek amy I wanna go Perfume Slumber party
  4. Your top 4 are great choices and you love them cause Britney was singing the lead vocals "Hold on tight" was the first song she recorded for Britney Jean. The truth about Britney Jean is that they needed an album to promote her Vegas residency but since they were running out of time and Britney was very busy rehearsing for the show they had Myah to record most of the songs, they thought they could fool us i remember when the album leaked and i listened to it, i was like what the **** ! this isn't Britney so i made a thread here to call that mess out, people attacked me, delusional deaf *****es
  5. https://youtu.be/cA5liAgNlDk OMG ! I'm dead... this girl is a fan and she hilarious as ****, she made a video of her top 5 Britney songs. She's already reacted to Britney Go comment and ask her to do more videos My favourite parts : 22:44 "the girls don't Naoooooooh, the girls don't be Naoooooooh on the tracks now and Britney hit you with that Biiiiitch" 🤣🤣🤣 23:50 - 24:20 🙌🙌🙌🙌 😂😂😂
  6. Damn ! never heard of that, thanks for the info So, Jive won that battle and decided not to include them on the standard traclist....
  7. Hahahaha ! WTF i've been listening to I Run Away on repeat since yesterday, and i'm like why the **** didn't this song get the treatment it deserved. everything about it is flawless, the lyrics are beautiful and mature, the meledy and the instrumental are amazing, her voice is incredible and the riffs she does are stunning.... the first thought that i had when i was listening to it was : this girl has an impeccable taste in music you can tell that she loved it cause she sang it with passion and a lot of emotions.... if only they gave her more control and freedom to decide musically. i'm sure if they released instead of Boys or ILRR it would've done well, cause both the fans and general public would've loved it
  8. Should've released Cinderella instead, we wouldn't have forgotten about it Cinderella >>>>> Anticipating
  9. I had mixed feelings about him but most of them were negative But after i watched "Chaotic" i instantly knew that he was such a bum who's going after her money and craving for fame. and i could also tell that he was such a bad influence on her
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