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  1. Nando.

    exhale Your Dream Brit Interview

    mine would be exactly this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdMQ31DlTjg i still cant believe mariah did this and ended up loving it in the end i watched the whole thing and im not even the biggest fan of her she sat for one hour with only hardcore fans in the end and talked about her songs imagine britney sitting down for one hour with fans in the audience talking about songs, albums and iconic outfits a dream one can only imagine
  2. Will.i.am career's is nowhere to be found after britney jean Iggy Azalea's career went south G-Easy vanished Tinashe's career took a dive into oblivion people say becky g is a curse, why didn't anyone come for britney yet?
  3. I was going to agree but water for elephants came out in 2011
  4. And it is not an "effect" like burnt film, wtf. If it was intentional it would be, you know, evident. Most of you hadnt noticed it until today lol. And if you go one frame forward the cables come in as well. Yes, the camera cables. Y'all really childish defending the mv, i just pointed something out because this forum is dead, wasnt trying to make anyone hate it, its not even possible and its one of my favorite mvs from her. I said i looked at HIS work differently from that on because he doesnt have attention to detail. Didnt talk about the music video or britney at all. Its def not her falt. Downvote all you want but you guys are too defensive and childish, makes coming in here a bore honestly.
  5. Oh shut up, if we dont do threads like this your forum is dead lol
  6. People coming at me for telling the truth lol. Im an editor myself and worked as an editor for 5 years, this is not acceptable, specially for an artist like Britney Spears. And the frame that was posted is not even the exact one I'm talking about because the blue screen pops out first but right after the camera's cables come in as well and makes it even worse. Check for yourself. And the mirror one is when she's putting her jacket on, on the left you can see the reflection of a guy from the crew.
  7. Not talking about the reflection of the crew in the mirror, but the camera's blue screen display showing in one frame when she's walking to the ring. Does it bother you? I always thought less of Francis Lawrence because of it, and he went on to do the hunger games franchise but I never look at his work the same way after the errors in Circus. Seems so half assed.