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  1. This is wrong. And you're not thinking very clearly. UO bought the rights to BOMT two years ago and that was that. Because fans ate that up, they started to buy the rest of ger discography, so money to team Britney. After they were done with her albums, and because fans kept demand high, they bought the rights to the greatest hits, so, money to team Britney. After that got eaten up, team Britney decided to sell Oops bsides and remixes rights to be sold as vinyls. So, really, its team Britney choosing what to sell, not the other way around. There are lots of other artists that dont sell their catalog's rights to be made as vinyls, its a new thing to do so, Mariah just did it this month. Now with that being said, I did buy them. The first batch at least. I was unaware of free Britney and it wasnt a thing when they started with BOMT and having paid lots for the first ones, I did want to finish my collection now and I have the right to do so. I wont buy the Oops bonus and remixes one because I dont feel like thats official since it was never released like this, thats money grabbing.
  2. I keep saying it to this day, Oops is Britney's best mastered album, her best vocals, her best production overall, its pop perfection. MUCH better than Britney. Thats her peak sound-wise.
  3. my exact thoughts. Right when it ended I went to look for the campaign, maybe it is run by the other girl? But they talked about Paris being the bigger voice on this so she should have posted it.
  4. I liked it but since I knew she was this smart business woman already, I thought oh what a convenient time in the world right now to start shifting your brand into the victim point of view. It's a smart move. Not saying she didnt go through all of that, she did, and maybe the world did start to change and changed her perspective on what she went through, but a lot of what we see is very calculated of course, so in the end I ended up not feeling that sorry for her. Also because I kept thinking of what Lindsay Lohan said about Paris couple years ago. They had fights involving Paris brother and stuff, and idk why I do like them both but I always believed Lindsay a bit more. So idk. I dont think Paris is an angel on earth like they pictured in the beginning, but I do like her in the end. She's kind of a mess but, yeah, idk. I think she could continue her brand mixing it with adulthood. Maybe this is the gate she found to do it. I just thought id finish the documentary liking her more than I did before and I ended up thinking she's being very calculated.
  5. if that includes her properties, then how much is her house worth? i imagine at least 10+ million so yeah she doesnt have that much at the end of the day I saw a tiktok from an actress that said she read online that she was worth 4 million and she laughed she said she's in dept and then went on to talk about her salary in a big series she was on and how at the time (even not being so famous) she had to pay business managers, assistants, rent in two different places because of shooting, stylists, etc Britney has that 24/7, its a lot of money that goes away and her lawyers must be expensive as f
  6. Ok, hold the f up someone posted about the book she talks about already but theres more to look into What the hell Only lynne is by her side!!! (Posting again because this cant go unnoticed)
  7. Ok, hold the f up someone posted about the book she talks about already but theres more to look into What the hell Only lynne is by her side!!!
  8. girl, stop being annoying I posted my "fact check" on the op, that website that published the article saying he was the coreographer i dont have the circus tour program and i didnt find the information online so I opened the thread I believed the website, so found no reason to fact check a simple coreographer info (still made points in the op about not believing it fully) you brought in new information so no need to tell me to fact check like a *****, i didnt post fake news on purpose go find something else to pick on pickle spears, you already clarified and thats enough
  9. the jamie king thing I messed up, I explained above the Tony Tesla thing tho, I stated on the OP that I thought it was weird how he didnt feature any of the circus tour on his portfolio, since it was one of the biggests shows from that year so I was a little suspicious. The article I quoted on the OP states Andre got sacked and Tony got hired as a coreographer. So it doesnt come from me. I had seen his wikipedia page but that has close to 0 exact info, and we all know Andre was the coreographer for the promotional tour in 2008. His official website said he worked as a choreographer for Britney. So yeah, the mistery remains. No need to ask me to check before I post because I opened the thread to ask exactly that.
  10. you're right I confused the two because I was reading about Testa as a coreographer and he did some things with Jamie like the Circus tour and seeing the Kylie doc and messed up both. I was also looking into Madonna's confessions tour so I had Jamie in my mind.
  11. But thats my point Theres more than just choreo I posted the examples , like with Kylie, he was behind the artistic vision of the number. Same must have happened with Britney. Or do you think Jamie king was out there saying what should happen to every dancer? Thats Testa's job And there were iconic numbers during circus Theres magic, fire, bollywood, cages and acrobatics . He did a great job
  12. All eyes were on Britney and she was a no show in terms of energy but the dancers and the acrobatics were on point, he brings artistic vision, not only steps. Watch the reels on the op. There are a couple of iconic moments from the circus tour I remember the choreo being great like the Baby On More Time walking together and break, get naked, circus and piece of me were all around great. When we talk choreo we are not only talking about Britney.
  13. all him but I wonder why he never got exposure for it maybe Britney had her hand all over the choreo?
  14. you really think Britney didnt point directly to the same choreographer Janet Jackson worked with? she was there herself hiring dancers, dont you think she at least named him? she does have control over creative ideas firing Andre must have not been her idea but hiring a Janet choreographer sure is
  15. Exactly Also, Tony is very artistic in his choreos, and altough we think Jamie being the director is the one who created the numbers, Tony is the one. So for example, the Circus opening number with the acrobats etc, all Tony. this was his number for kylie he's the one behind it the black curtains part with Gimme More, everything is very artistic Britney inside her cage in Piece of Me fans keep overlooking choreo and thinking its just the steps Britney managed to ruin most of them like Mannequin which she choreographed herself but lets not trash the guys choreography, he was amazing
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