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  1. ******** it all these freaking geniuses waited too long to invent Internet and youtube. I am pressed!!!
  2. MTE. It's easier to live in denial than to accept the truth, so I understand why some members still make such threads like this.
  3. NOT Clumsy stans magically appear out of thin air just because Rolling Stone included it in top 50 songs of the year.
  4. Inb4 Jessica actually dominates pop in 2017 and has Britney army shook.
  5. I don't understand what you're saying but YASS QUEEN
  6. Let's take a minute and analyze this deep meaningful message in this pic It's very cool.
  7. What kind of third economy you're living bish nobody deposits a cheque no mo.
  8. You are right. I'm an ungrateful ***** today and I am sorry. I will start appreciating little things more from now on. can I suck your **** to make up for this bad experience?
  9. Canada is not a country according to the OP apparently, anyways Google 3am et "your city" then it will show you the time, mine is 2am.
  10. And the fans just got a chance to listen to the original audio for the first time 1 day ago.
  11. I think I should have a major in Marketing and bring up Britney's team as an example of "The Don'ts" in marketing in every class.
  12. I mean the video should have at least the same length as that of the song. So not sleeping for over 3 minutes is totally okay, but not breathing for over 3 minutes?
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