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  1. This is weird... People claim this account is Britney and she just posted about that movie...
  2. I need someone to leak these screens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4o_4IiFNRo
  3. Britney is that you? Are you leaking us the promo schedule? Are U testing the water queen? Or Larry chose the name and you don't have any idea how turns in nothing tested to BSM?
  4. Update.- According to publisher Kicki Norman it is coming the end of February 2019. The fragance smells like, lemon, cloudberry, pear leaves, peony, water lily, Jasmin petals, woods, amber and cotton candy.
  5. She done that on the Latin leg of the FFT .... Everybody is doing stadium tours nowdays .... I prefer Arenas tbh
  6. We saw Britney just two months ago... If I can fix my messy migrant status I will probably go on 2020
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