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  1. Disgusting! https://www.google.com/search?q=holodomor
  2. How can we trusts anything this guy says? Didn't he post an old fake demo and a clip of that BananaAlice girl?
  3. Yeah, agreed (I didn't see the tags). That's very bad of them to do that. I would stick with "Upscaled", "Enhanced" or whatever. If the source isn't terrible and the AI upscale is done in a good way I don't really care. With this one I could hardly tell the difference from the various low quality versions. I couldn't even tell there was any AI upscaling used or even a simple sharpening filter.
  4. It's simply dishonest. These aren't even claimed to be remasters. But no, they're not by any means HD. Most music videos, even if shot on film were scanned and edited on digital workstations at the resolutions they were intended for. Not to mention any CGI was also rendered at that resolution. Making true HD remasters can be very expensive as you'd potentially have to recreate a lot from scratch. By slapping "HD" and "Remastered" on everything, this is the result. We get crappy "HD" videos from official channels, because nobody knows what these words mean anymore.
  5. This is correct. AutoTune didn't become a thing until 1998 and most producers wouldn't really start to use it until much later (other than for robotic effects). Max Martin was meticulous with recording massive amounts of takes to get a perfect vocal. Pitch-correction (through pitch-shifting) has been around for a long time. It was used more for adjusting a phrase that was slightly flat rather than fixing wobbly pitch or poorly executed melisma (note-gliding). Glory doesn't have that much pitch-correction. But it's done in a very sloppy way at times.
  6. Yes, it's not primarily from AutoTune. Piece of Me definitely has pitch-correction. Whether it's Auto-Tune or Melodyne doesn't matter as it's fairly light (Compared to "3", for example). The sound of the vocals in the verses of PoM is achieved with mostly layering (A one octave down-pitched overdub with formant shifting is my guess).
  7. But they're still almost always sourced from an original master or raw footage. When the master has been lost, the highest quality source available would be used. A VHS recording or a low-quality compressed digital video doesn't qualify. It's literally in the name: re-MASTER.
  8. What is this blurry mess? Remastered implies that it's sourced from the original master. Stop misusing this term.
  9. Some of you... SMH. These are just 480p videos up-scaled to 1080p. Basically linear interpolation of the source material, which your GPU already does for free when you watch a 480p video in full-screen. The only potential gain is better compression, with less compression artifacts. As has been mentioned before, they're not even AI up-scaled.
  10. What a load of bull! Injecting "uppers" would lead to intense, but short-lived euphoria. There is no stimulant that would last longer than an a couple of hours after being injected (Vyvanse would last a full day, since it's a prodrug). If anything, they would have her on Vyvanse or Adderall daily.
  11. Making this about misogyny is a huge mistake. The issue should be with the entertainment industry and conservatorships. There are many men who also have been victims of the industry. Men and women have different issues, both get away with stuff the other gender doesn't. To reduce the fight for Britney's freedom to being about misogyny, could possibly distract from the real issue. To me it seems just like another opportunity for cancel-culture fodder. As we all know, they soon will get bored and move on to the next cause to potentially derail and damage.
  12. For you thirsty lot, they have a fitness YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/buffdudes
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