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  1. She was only really a puppet when it came to public appearances. Let's not forget that the BOMT video was her idea. We would have gotten a freaking cartoon video if it wasn't for her asserting her creativity. You don't get that level of charisma that she had from a puppet. Jessica Simpson was the true definition of a puppet. She had a loud voice with decent vocal control. Her handlers told her to be more like Britney. Instead, what we got was worse than any cringy Britney voice-imitation video on YouTube. Today, her take on the "baby-voice" would have her being cancelled for making fun of mentally handicapped people.
  2. I don't think she listens to her old performances (Given that she has said in the past that she hates watching them). I think she kinda resigned to being the lipsynching pop star and doesn't try that much anymore. She had incredible control back then, despite using the baby voice. Listen closely to her vocal run at around 8:00, and pay attention to just how many notes she is hitting in a rapid succession. Her unique tone and at the time, great vocal control is criminally underrated.
  3. "I just wanna have *** with you" vs. "I just wanna dance next to you" in "I'm A Slave 4 U". "What would it take for you to just sleep with me?" vs. "What would it take for you to just leave with me?" in "Boys".
  4. Exactly! Big radio didn't care if a song was popular. They could make it a flop if they wanted to, they had absolute power at the time. Today it's likely the same, but with Apple Music and Spotify. Toxic's popularity likely had some effect, but lets not be delusional and think pop music is influenced by consumers.
  5. Classic gaslighting. Cover up corruption and awful things with something ridiculous so you can paint all critics as crazy and sow division. We now know there has been horrific things going on (e.g. Epstein). But the Pizzagate conspiracies and this spirit-cooking bs helped cover it up. It's happened again with the QAnon garbage.
  6. Oh, are we officially cancelling Lana Del Rey now? It seems nobody got the point of what she was saying. What a ****-show 2021 is turning out to be.
  7. Maybe you should reply and clarify that you deleted your comment? Deleting it only protects yourself and makes JL look bad, because people don't know what she responded too. Sorry to say, that's quite cowardly. I'm far from a fan of Juno Lou, (aka. Betrayme Lynn, formerly known as Jamie Lynn). Even if she has deep rooted resentment for her sister's success and has been a conservatorship enabler, she's still her sister. They were obviously extremely close before Britney became famous and you can't just erase that.
  8. What's disturbing is, it shouldn't matter if the conservatee WANTS to stay in a conservatorship. If the conservatee is well enough to take care of themselves and are able to earn a living it should be dissolved, no question. It is not a right for an adult to be taken care of and treated as a child. As an adult you have a responsibility to care for yourself if you are able to. They're not even giving her a chance to try. The conservatorship should be gradually dissolved, starting years ago. If they truly cared, they would have her learn economics and business skills that she may be lacking due to her very sheltered adult life. Then help her get trustworthy managers (of her own choosing!), if she decides to continue working in music/showbiz.
  9. - She never had a nose-job. - The "Outrageous" video would have been detrimental to her career. - Britney wasn't always aware that she was "lipsyncing" (We know she didn't like to watch her own performances).
  10. You sound a lot like someone who hasn't talked to a lot of conservatives/Trump-supporters (Sorry if I presume, or possibly you just met the worst kind!). My experience has been that many are either just ignorant (not in a hateful way, they just haven't met many gay people), or simply scared to offend. The LGBT movement hasn't exactly been kind to conservatives either. Many only know the b***y, mean, queen-stereotype. As a gay man, my political journey has been much harder than coming out as gay. I lost friends and even relatives because I had opinions that weren't mainstream or politically correct. I was never edgy or delibirately offensive. It usually didn't happen in a dramatic manner, but you know when someone just suddenly forgets about you. Sound familiar? Maybe not... Honestly, I've met many more, frankly despicable people in left-wing/LGBT circles than in conservative. Extremism in emotions is human nature. Thoughts, are in my opinion the checks and balances to those extremes. People who never feel the need to inhibit their emotions scare me. Regarding the gay marriage issue. I don't agree with it anymore. Ultimately, I believe it was asking for too much, and probably motivated by resentment towards "the normal" and the family structure. If you want someone to respect you, you have to respect them back. Marriage has religious origin wether you like it or not. All one could really ask for is equal legal rights. Civil unions would have granted that, but it wasn't enough. I think this hurt the LGBT movement, because it wasn't just enough to get equal rights. We wanted to destroy what they had. I was very emotional and angry about this issue, and it took a long time to understand the ones who oppose it. In the end I felt bad for acting so selfish. I've never agreed with the slippery slope argument, but when we're starting to have children starting gender transitions and pedophiles trying to gain acceptance in the LGBT movement I can at least understand. IMO, the LGBT movement needs to check themselves, because they (we, I guess) ain't that flawless all the time.
  11. Yes, that did occur to me. I think it's highly possible Biden did legitimately win. I do however think that leaving half the voter base not trusting the legitimacy of the election process is devastating to democracy. This should be a high priority to resolve for all parties. Yeah, it's probably annoying having the losing side objecting to the result of the election, but democrats have done this too. Many times, in fact. The democrats are honestly looking very guilty just by the defiance to what is supposed to be a normal thing in a democracy (transparency).
  12. Perhaps. I'm not gonna make a point in the case of Trump, because I honestly don't know enough what it means in a constitutional/legal context. But who decides what responsibility for speech is? This seems very conflicting to the idea of free speech. There are many laws that deal with limiting speech already. I think people are afraid of censorship because people have legit been censored for speech that do not violate any laws (threats, incitement, defamation etc). And by censored, I don't mean banned from social media. Yes, there is a debate to be had regarding their role as a platform/utility and the protections it gives these companies. I'm talking about people who have lost their jobs, defamed and had their lives ruined. This doesn't only happen to "****s" or others who can be easily labeled as evil. We all know what cancel culture is, and I bet most of us here have seen it taken too far. This is a slippery slope and it should be worrying when people with extreme power starts talking about limiting speech, regardless if it's wrapped up in words like "responsibility", "consequences" or "accountability".
  13. Maybe I misunderstood you a bit. I don't exactly agree with your instinctual/visceral feelings point, they tend to be primarily selfish in my opinion. If we're gonna take this to a political context. People tend to primarily "feel" when they learn about my political views. And by feel, I mean anger/hate. But, the thing is I don't when it comes to politics. If I feel, I've either let hate be a driving factor or I let emotion pick the easy reasoning/world view. There is a time and place for feelings. But it shouldn't be the first place to go. Feelings is for reflection, to be emphatic when analyzing your thoughts. And this extends to those I disagree with. I have to at least try to empathize with them.
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