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  1. There are some timing issues and the vocal is kinda dry. Decent attempt though. I made one a couple of years ago. I have some professional studio/production experience though. https://we.tl/t-0J72rpeE6F (It's not completely free of Myah, but there's a lot less of her)
  2. No, cloth masks don't protect the person wearing it all that much. They work fairly well with reducing the amount and velocity of droplets that are expelled when sneezing or coughing. They also prevent touching of the face to a degree. Viruses are so small (0.12 micron) that you need at least masks with filter fabric with ionized fibers that attract the virus and makes it get stuck to the fibers. These masks (N95 masks) have gaps in the fibers that are around 0.3 microns wide, so they do not rely on the virus being to big to fit through but rather electrostatic attraction. While they filter out over 95% of the pathogens have the problem that a cough or sneeze will blast out through the sides of the mask. There is no perfect solution other than hygiene and distancing. Proper masks certainly have their place in certain environments (healthcare mainly).
  3. Maybe it's like "bunny boiler", where it has another meaning.
  4. I can't with this "Yaaas, kween!"-choreography, where everyone knows it looks ugly and ridiculous but nobody says anything.
  5. Ah yes, Afghanistan. The land with the old tradition of "Bacha bazi". No normal man has sleep-overs with children.
  6. Reading this thread made me wonder just how gaslighted she has been. When she rebels and does something outside the script, her team makes her look bad in front of her fans (Domination announcement) or make her appear crazy. Regarding her awkwardness in interviews etc. She has anxiety, I get it. But I think a lot of it is caused by fear of doing something wrong, being spontaneous. Maybe she's wondering how they are going to punish her this time if she messes up. Sometimes she gets comfortable and her real personality shines through, and then she says something off script and the interview gets cut or edited. I wonder if this goes all the way back to her live singing days. Did she get punished if her real voice came through? I seem to remember her putting on a very fake nasal baby voice during a performance and was acting very goofy. She was acting sort of like a caricature of her image, sort of mocking it. Was that her rebelling? Does anyone else remember this?
  7. One thing I'm confused about. How exactly is Lou and Tri-Star involved? Is it via her father being conservator and as a result, if they get rid of her father will Lou be gone too? Or does she have direct ties to the conservatorship itself, so Jodi or whoever becomes the new conservator would have to get rid of her?
  8. AFAIK she has a lot of money in several trusts that the conservatorship cannot touch. I don't think she was close to being broke.
  9. This is good! It could be a mistake to just try to apply for dissolution of the conservatorship at this point. Having her father removed as conservator as well as securing her finances first, and then having the conservatorship reviewed through trial might be the best course of action. I just hope dog-faced Loucifer will be nowhere near her money. I don't really trust Jodi though, considering her past.
  10. Wait, so did Bozo Basic apologize or not? I need a quote! Because right now it seems like she just queefed into a microphone and people be like "Oh my god, did you hear that heartfelt apology? She's grown so much!"
  11. Yeah. Obviously, she's been told to be quiet. At least her final words were respectful and supportive. I quite like her despite her past raunchy Robin Thicke-humping tongue-goblin self. Since Britney cannot speak out about her situation, the best we can do is to be supportive and remind everyone that she does NOT have the basic human rights she deserves and we all take for granted.
  12. Yes, it's iconic! It even makes up for that Myra Moray imposter on the main vocal track. You don't simply replace the original Work ***** choreography! Not OK!
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