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  1. Sorry if this is the 100th thread about this but I remember Pitbull announced back in June they had a song together with Marc Anthony as well :demi:


    It's September already and the tour FORTUNATELY coming to an end but no news on this track... so we must assume it just didn´t work (?) :whatitellu:


    Now I wonder how Britney's business world truly works, you have an artist announcing a collab before confirming with her team! It all feels so unprofessional and comical at times :orangu:


    Anyway it's not a song I'm crazy about but the lack of communication & clarity is scary :imok:

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  2. 53 minutes ago, Herumbra said:

    you know whats funny? why the dancers? if the only reason was to shoot their bodies why not hire models?
    The fact they hired dancers must mean that the video would contain dance and choreos right?

    because her dancers are cheaper than hiring professional models, their contract surely includes "show peformances and extra photoshoots/videoshoots:whatitellu:

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  3. Posting on a dancer's instagram about this is truly pointless tbh  :sickofu:

    Now do you all really think her team, dancers, family is not aware of Britney's lack of dancing and passion? Even a 10-year-old can notice that :shameless: 

    I can't speak for team coz I don't know them but I feel they must keep her in this "bubble" for some reason (to avoid things getting worse for her maybe?) She's clearly a very fragile person, I can't blame her for that but if she doesn't confront all her fears by herself then this is the Britney we have till her retirement :nochillbrit:

    You can talk to her manager, family, dancers, boyfriend, etc but Britney's the only one who can turn the table and improve, nobody else :britstare:

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  4. What's gonna happen once her kids are full grown ups and people start telling them "Hey your mom is so stiff, doesn't sing live, etc" ? What will be their reaction? What will Britney say? Are they just gonna pretend nothing's happening? :mhmnod:

    What if they start noticing all these by themselves? will they tell their mom? :whatitellu:

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  5. I can't confirm Britney has a drinking addiction, but you should know alcoholism is disease and alcohol is a drug, like cocaine or any other kind. So banning all those things from her is more than normal, you all should know it's something you'll fight with till the end of your days. :wontcry:

    Look at Demi, that happens because her inner circle didn't protect her as needed :omg: I truly believe her family wants the best for Britney and her sons are the reason why she wakes up every day. 


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  6. On 7/17/2018 at 5:36 PM, PokemonSpears said:

    I know, I can't at Boys, Anticipating, That's Where You Take Me, Not a Girl being singles, or in Not a Girl's case, having multiple videos, when there were many other songs like I Run Away, Lonely, Before the Goodbye, Let Me Be.

    I Love Rock 'N' Roll is great, but it's a cover, also the Darkchild Remix of Overprotected has an awesome video, but why did it need a remix in the first place? :nochillbrit: 

    Still it's funny how they kept releasing single after single, even when they weren't that great on the charts. 

    The reason might be the album sold 745,750 copies the first week and by 2002 it had sold 3.3 million copies in the US...in terms of numbers that album was a complete success so it didn't need any other type of commercial success:tiffanynod:

    Glory struggled with around 200,000 copies sold in the US, so the singles need to make up for the low album sales I believe but if they don't help that much then they won't keep investing money :imok:

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  7. 10 minutes ago, YouFoundAmy said:

    but it's not a big deal anymore because we all know about it they've already made the announcement. I don't remember did she release the whole thing for private show? 

    This is so messy.

    yes, it was the same way https://www.breatheheavy.com/rumor-britneys-big-announcement-is-a-new-fragrance-titled-private-show/


    It's not messy, it's called marketing tbh :nynod:

    My mother loves her fragrances, but can't stand her music...her perfumes are not for fans only, :whitney:

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  8. 5 minutes ago, YouFoundAmy said:

    it's just so strange to me that the big announcement is the perfume at 7 but they basically released the entire commercial already along with the product which is been on sale for days.

    So how is it a big announcement anymore?


    She teased Private show in the same way and it was also released on ET back in 2016 :whitney:

    and yes, it's a big deal coz this is her first unisex/male fragrance in her collection, it's not a fantasy, Curious, Radiance or PS edition, it's a brand new collection called MY PREROGATIVE :nynod:


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  9. Thank god there's no single so far, she won't promote it under the excuse of "busy with the world tour" :nynod:


    The pitbull collab might be cool but nobody else except for Pitbull confirmed it so I don't know if that's still happening tbh :cackling:



  10. 9 minutes ago, Bxnes said:

    The public will love it.

    This Britney is 10000x better than some of the Pop Stars of today which they are used to.

    That is something that everyone on here needs to remember!

    Trust me the only people who can praise last night show are her die-hard fans who haven't seen her for a while:nynod:

    I saw POM in Vegas and last night show was not even 40% the show back there, no props, missing sets, uncomfortable stage, no effects, no catwalk, etc. I loved the vegas show because the show was made for that theatre but last night was tragic :nochillbrit:

    And GP from last night were not entirely happy, comments like "It was fun, but she's as good as I thought she was" was heard in many spots :tiffanycries:

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  11. well I think the problem is that there's no choreographer....they're just "friends" playing around which is disrespectful for people who pay to see a proper show :imok:

    I'm sure everyone is afraid of telling the truth to her, even her inner circle like "hey babe, u really need to start dancing for real" :orangu:


    The only people who could tell her the truh are her fans and she's afraid of us so we're stuck on this looping situation :cackling:

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