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  1. Funny thing is that you could put @Jordan Miller & Exhale into trouble for sharing somebody's personal information on a forum
  2. "Circus" album is great tbh - Many of my friends (non britney fans) know about it and love it "Hating" at almost everything Britney-related has become the new normal in this fanbase lately so I'm not surprised
  3. Britney's "Baby one more time" vinyl has entered at spot #22 in the Billboard Vinly albums chart https://www.billboard.com/charts/vinyl-albums When will Mood Ring HOT100 bubbling under?
  4. Chicago previews have been postponed till 2021 due to Covid-19 All Broadway shows are closed until Jan 2021
  5. Well, it's really hard to tell imo - I do believe a busy mind is in a much better place than an idle mind, for all aspects of life . So anyone (including her) that's working will always be better than doing nothing, mentally and physically speaking I also believe she was super happy during 2015-2017 and that's why we had such great instagram posts, but then 2018/2019 happened and we don't know the real truth of what happened there. We've only known bits of truth, rumors and media gossips If you ask me, yes, I'd love for her to go back to work since it might do really good to herself, but it has to be in her own terms - However, I'm assuming the legal situation of her c-ship is blocking all kinds of work, so perhaps in August we might get some clarity on her status and she might be able to go back to the studio in 2021
  6. oh my, we already have VMA performance confirmed....I just can't Please close this thread before B10 title is announced in the next tweet
  7. This is even messier https://britneyspearslasvegas2016.com/
  8. Hmm naaa, it's just a random edit on the site - They're also saying Madonna's touring in 2020 https://www.bigstub.com/Madonna-Tickets
  9. Not this year at all I do see her returning to the studio little by little in 2021 though, and a US limited tour in 2022
  10. Hmmm I don't think so...if Britney chooses to return to work, everyone including RCA and her team will be ready the minute she wants to I'm sure this is just a great surprise due to MOOD RING's recent success - I mean it sold over 20.000 units and it's a 4-year-old unoficial track so...
  11. I actually call her kween B it makes it more epic imo
  12. This! Sometimes I feel people don't like to see her enjoying the moment
  13. Britney Spears breaks free from quarantine for the first time to enjoy a day working out in the park and on a bike ride with longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8436027/Britney-Spears-breaks-free-quarantine-time-enjoy-fun-filled-day.html
  14. Well she sold over 60 million albums worldwide between 1999-2004 so... that huge! Do your math of her impact back in the day
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