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  1. This! We don't know the ins and outs of her RCA contract, but I doubt an artist can refuse to record something the label is asking you to do. They might be respecting Britney's current situation and letting her decide whenever she wants to return to work but if you still have 3 albums in your contract and the label is in a way "pushing" to record so they can get back some of the money they've paid in advance then I doubt the artist will have much choice Let's not forget the rumor back in 2006/2007 where Jive allegedly "threatened" Britney to terminate her contract if she did not return to the studio and record music, and then "Blackout" took shape. As I said, I'm sure they're respecting Britney's current situacion and I celebrate that but the question is for how long?
  2. Agree on what you're saying! I think Britney does not want to record new music or perform at this moment (due to the obvious situation she's currently in), but I don't think Britney wants fans to stop listening to her music and turn their backs against her legacy. Fans that feel the need to boycott the brand shoud be respected in the same way fans that still enjoy listening to her music or buying merch. I feel like these "cracking" is happening everywhere, like politics, religion, or even within families and I feel music is not exception. We should find a way for all this to coexist, right? This is just my opinion!
  3. I get what you're saying but an official push requires a music video and we know that's not going to happen. Unless they've made an animated video ala "Break the ice", or they're using actors like "SOS" video by Cher. Honestly, I don't see RCA investing any more money on this song If not, it'll remain as the promotional single it's always been
  4. So I don't get it - the song's been out since 2000 and it's a timeless classic tbh What are they releasing? An official single cover? lol, wasn't this the official promotional single cover? Sorry guys, but this rumor does not make sense to me unless they're releasing a brand new Xsong recorded by Britney which I doubt
  5. This creep is becoming an obsessive psycho and it's not funny anymore
  6. Just to clarify there are 2 funko pop! figures coming in 2021 - Stewardess (Toxic) -Baby one more time (album edition)
  7. The doll is being developed by NECA - They have great and quality stuff out there so we'll see what BOMT doll looks like
  8. I found it on Sunday online, and after I bought it the site updated to "Sold-out" so I guess I was pretty lucky. I just got it home and it's beautiful I'm a true collector, and I'll always be so I'm not ashamed at all
  9. Gurl, being almost 40 is still young However singing "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman" at her 40s might sound strange
  10. I have to admit "Heaven & hell" is a great album and I was not expecting it to be that good! Hope it has a great debut, Ava deserves it
  11. This! I mean she's completely entitled to rebel out and do whatever she wants, but I felt it didn't suit her life narrative back in the day. It's like you wake up tomorrow and find out Taylor Swift suddenly married in Vegas, just like that and out of the blue From that moment on I started to feel things were never the same within herself and all around her
  12. This! Probate Code 1420 refers to intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism.This term also includes handicapping conditions found to be closely related to intellectual disability or to require treatment similar to that required for individuals with an intellectual disability, but does not include other handicapping conditions that are solely physical in nature I think it's pretty clear she doesn't have any of that!
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