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  1. Lou is that you ?? 😂 Kinda get it but don’t think it would work out.
  2. I ask Britney Vault on Instagram. They claim they are fan made 😭 The Blackout shoot is always something I wanted more of maybe some day🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. I dunno if they are real or not can anyone confirm this please? If they are real had anyone got HQ versions?
  4. In the post it mentions about “you connect” is it possible this is a sign she is on the call I mean I hope she is like me “I’m always posting on Instagram while I’m on work zoom calls🤣“ I really hope this goes the way it needs to go and the connection issue isn’t true. She has a right to be free. ❤️
  5. If Britney’s team where smart (so we know it won’t happen cause they aren’t) If Britney done the rounds on the late shows doing secret performances to hype Domination good choreography, pre recorded voices, polished look and confidence. Pushing a new single, a new album and a taster of what domination will be. This would restore the faith that seemed to be lost after the Piece of Me tour(I dunno why I loved it). But Piece of Me Residency when from strength to strength but the seems like people thought the tour was a mess (Again I Loved it).
  6. Well the picture wouldn’t be ugly it would have Britney in it, I’m an average at best guy but I don’t think I’d make an ugly photo and I mean I’d probably be passed out on the floor and wouldn’t be featured in it anyway ? and when I say “Entitled Idiot” I mean still pushing for something they have been told they can’t have. The European Ultimate Upgrade with Photo op worked out at around 600 euro give or take. I do feel bad that people feel like they have had there experience ruined but I just feel situations like that the less expectations that you have the more you take the experience for what it is and appreciate whatever you get if it be a hug or not your more likely to take the positive over the negative.
  7. It’s no excuse it’s an example of why she would be guarded. She doesn’t need an excuse. She is Britney Spears, she doesn’t wanna look at you or speak to you that’s her decision she doesn’t have to do the photo op if she doesn’t want to simple.
  8. Suppose that’s your opinion. All I shared was mine. Yeah many people do have kids and travel and remain professional but 99% of them don’t have world watching. Everyone has an off day at work would you like to be judged by the world for yours? Don’t be a follower be a leader and anyone that is jumping the band wagon of a handful of people that think if they pay for an amazing opportunity the have some sort of entitlement to act, say or do what they like that’s your choice. But like you don’t agree with my opinion I don’t agree with yours but I do respect it cause everyone is entitled to an opinion it’s not about being right or wrong it’s about what you believe in. Maybe I just need the simple things in life cause a picture with myself and Britney would have been more then enough for me I’d not have cared about anything else because it’s all I’d expect from a photo op. https://vipnation.eu/britneyspears look at package one where does it say Meet and Greet and that you can act like you can do or say what you like because your paying for it. its all there in black and white everything stated in that package you receive or received nothing more nothing less.
  9. See it’s people like you that don’t give her credit. If they didn’t step in something bad would have happened. But she was the only one that could make the decision to build herself back and get her life back on track she could have just gave up. She could have been like Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain etc, do you think no one tried to step in and get them help? They did and it was refused. She may have reluctantly accepted but she is still here today.
  10. This is really getting to me now. I know 6 people who have done The Ultimate Upgrade with Britney and Raved about how nice she was, sweet, humble, complimentary etc. The only issue was it’s was short. Having read the itinerary for Ultimate Upgrade it’s a photo op nothing more nothing less which everyone has been given (excluding the Spanish Actress). I personally think people should read what they are buying before buying it, you got exactly what you are told your getting. Why expect more? The truth is Britney has been on tour for the last 90 days. Different countries and cities every other day. 30 shows over them 90 days.( Might not seem like a lot but you trying doing all the traveling, living in hotels and being a mother to two teenagers as well). Around 869 Photo ops with fans. Being on tour hasn’t been her life for 7 years. Think of how on fire she was in Vegas it’s was stable. Touring takes its toll on you. She hasn’t had her boys or Sam with her for the last 2 weeks she is probably home sick, tired and lonely. I have been lucky to see The Piece Of Me Tour twice now, both shows she was was on fire and put on an amazing show. I was not lucky enough to get The Ultimate Upgrade for Dublin. But if I was as lucky as the 869 people who did get the opportunity. It would have been an honor just to be in the same room as my idol. Look at the positives and not the negatives. You got what you paid for and just because your expectation were too high don’t blast Britney for being human. Call yourself a member of the Britney Army and your slating her. The Britney Army is some of the most amazing people. So it’s disappointing to see people turn on her, because they expected more rather then be happy with what they got. This woman survived 2007, when she felt the world was out to get her and she came back from that a different more reserved person because the people she trusted betrayed her can you blame her for being guarded?
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