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  1. I feel like Ariana is one of a few people left doing pure pop tho rap and hip hop took over every chart. Shes resisting. Plus her taste of pop music is not what u hear around tho, it has a bit weirdness to it. But yeah pop music is at its lowest. Not doing good on the charts. But I guess it was same back in the early 00’s where rap singers were topping the charts in USA. I guess USA have always been in favor of hiphop more. After 2007/8 pop, dance, elektro became populer but the party is over now
  2. f_rhythm

    socialney Is there any Britney Fan from Madrid around here?

    I wish I was from Madrid its the best city tbh. Its energetic that Ild like to move there one day But havent heard about Tanga when I spent a week there last year. Kluster was amazing tho
  3. Is Ariana nominated? She should be. NTLTC for this year and God is a Woman for the next for sure. Its best Ive seen in a while (except the cringe worthy scream)
  4. f_rhythm

    exhale Does anybody have Proof of Myah Being used on Bj

    I know right, I was like wtf? This must be a joke. I still dont understand how it happened tbh
  5. Cant wait to hear! I love the first 2 singles so far and honestly they are the only pop songs out there right now
  6. f_rhythm

    exhale Does anybody have Proof of Myah Being used on Bj

    To me passenger does sound like Britney expect some lines but most of the songs on the album doesnt. Esp Body Ache I dont even know why people bring Passenger when this topic is discussed while its more obvious on other songs
  7. Lol its funny that that guy who were very famous back then paying to take a photo with her they were so famous back then but I bet Britney have no idea. His new style doesnt help either.
  8. f_rhythm

    tour Britney’s latest Meet & Greet pics

    I dont even understand why people would pay that amount of money for a photo that will u will look once or second time before u die esp considering photoes are like that.