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  1. Hi Jon! Thank you so very much for contributing such an impactful song to Brit’s discography! What specific considerations had to be made when vocally producing Britney’s vocals in comparison to other artists you’ve produced for?
  2. Probably a top 10 Britney track for me! This is the kind of music that Britney does best. Smooth, melodic mid-tempos complement Britney's voice so well. I place Outta This World in the same category as songs like Invitation and Don't Hang Up. Slices of dream pop-like heaven!
  3. Hi Brian! Thank you so much for contributing your passion, dedication, and talent for the world's entertainment. My questions are: * Creatively, what are the major differences between choreographing a routine for a music video compared to a live performance? What considerations have to be made for each? * You evolved from a dancer on the Oops Tour to choreographer and creative director. Could you describe how that career progression occurred? * What is something the general public would find intriguing or surprising about the music industry that we may not know? This can be general and doesn't have to necessarily relate specifically to Britney. Thank you for your time! xx
  4. Awwww! #ClassicBritney Fun fact: This was actually recorded in Sacramento, CA -- about 20 minutes from me. She was on the Oops Tour and pre-recorded these performances at KVIE (PBS) studios.
  5. Looks like he worked with the Jonas Brothers (they actually brought him up on stage earlier this year). Someone mentioned he’s working the Ariana Grande tour right now. His relationship with Britney was so cute!
  6. These clips are examples of why I was really looking forward to Domination. Overall, the energy was there — she was just craving new choreography and had gotten too comfortable with some of the routines. I really think Domination would’ve had similar energy AND some fresh choreo that we were all wishing for. Hoping it comes back soon!
  7. While this certainly doesn't suggest a comeback will be soon, it is an encouraging update! I still think a Q4 album release and residency is possible. If we have a positive update after just 1 month, then it's possible that we'll have a comeback announcement in the next 3 to 6 months along with new album news. New single in September, album in November, residency in December/early 2020. It'll be here before we know it!
  8. Even if Domination as a concept doesn't return, I'm pretty confident there will still be a residency and we'll see pieces of what the original show was going to be. They spent money on the production already and I'd be shocked if they let all that work go to waste. Also, since Domination as a concept is broad, they could probably use the same stage, props, etc., for a different show. I could see them re-branding the show and re-purposing many of the production elements, which I'm fine with. It all just depends on Jamie's health and where they're at with the album. I have a feeling they'll want to have the album finished or close to finished before setting a new residency launch date. If she can finish the album in the next 6 to 8 months, it's very possible they can open the residency late 2019/early 2020 and promote it along with the album.
  9. I would guess Q4 2019. First single in September + music video + residency announcement would be awesome. Album release in November. Residency launch in late December. She wouldn't have to start rehearsing heavily until October-ish. Of course this is all dependent on Jamie's health (and Britney's desire to return to work quickly).
  10. One of my all-time favorite Britney tracks. She's so rare in that her bonus tracks are some of her career highlights, including Outta this World and Don't Hang Up. Magical. Soothing. Thought-provoking. Vulnerable. Perfect.
  11. Sounds about right. I could see an album release in Q4 + residency announcement with the show starting a few months after that. I think there will be more excitement for everyone involved, including fans, due to the longer length of time since the last show + an album release. I'd be shocked if they didn't line up the show with the new album. As sad as the situation is, it really is for the best in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully Jamie gets well and 2019 goes by fast.
  12. This is encouraging news! To have a talented person who also LOVES Britney behind the new album is special. I'm sure the record will be an update from Glory. They won't retrace their steps. They'll build on what worked for Glory and also experiment and try new things. I'm confident that we'll be happy with the results. Britney seemed most excited about her sessions with Justin and Julia. She wrote a lot, collaborated with them on melodies... That level of involvement always equals good quality. I was excited about Domination for the same reasons. She seemed to start rehearsing early, she was involved in dancer auditions, and clearly she had a hand in selecting the set list (based on Coupure Electrique being in the show). She shines when she's given free rein. This is why she had a burst of energy and passion with POM 2.0 -- she got to inject her own ideas (ILR&R, BOM, TOMH, etc.) into the show. I bet that once Jamie's health improves, finishing the album will be the first priority so that they can plan the new residency's launch around the album release. I think they know now that fans really want new music to coincide with a new show. Here's to hoping for a Q4 release for both the album and new show! It's 100% possible depending on Jamie's health. She'd have time to finish the album (I'm assuming -- depends on how much has been recorded so far) and rehearse for the show.
  13. If I had to guess, I'd say that the show will be back in December 2019 or early 2020. I can see them targeting a Q4 release for the album and launching it alongside the residency. Of course this is all dependent on Jamie's health, but assuming he does improve, I think they'd try to get the album completed by the end of the year. I think the last few months have been a learning opportunity for her team in terms of the level of promotion needed for a new show. I'm sure they've also seen all the comments about fans' desire for new music. As sad as the postponement is (as well as the reason behind it), I do think it's a blessing in disguise. Britney can get some time off, be with her family, release a new album in conjunction with the new show, and completely cleanse her palate of Piece of Me, which is what a lot of fans wanted from the beginning.
  14. I truly believe the same. She was involved from the beginning. She started rehearsing at an appropriate time. I think POM 1.0 is going to end up like Britney Jean and Domination will be like Glory -- more Britney involvement, better quality, and appreciated by fans. Her creative directors know how much fans are expecting and they've been reading fan opinions and concerns. They put out quality work. Strong directors + an involved Britney HAS to equal something good. Hopefully expectations are realistic and people won't melt down when she doesn't magically become someone she was 15 years ago.
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