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  1. My post concert depressing is setting in. i miss her
  2. Also wanted to note at the Friday & Saturday AC dates people (including myself) now yell “WHO IS IT” before GM intro lol that guy started a trend.
  3. These two girls sat right in front of me at the show Friday. I wish I had M&G. B looks AMAZING in these. LOVE this outfit!
  4. There’s no way this is real I’m her biggest fan and not one to drag but when has she ever said that much to ANY person when meeting them.. she’s pretty quiet/shy
  5. I went last night and tonight and felt like she was better tonight! She was more into it
  6. You’re so sweet! Thank you! That’s how I feel id rather be close to her than see a huge production from far away. You will have the best time! The venues are so small I could’ve seen great from the back. My friend took a lot of videos and I enjoyed and her Samsung videos look incredible so I’m harassing her to email them to me
  7. lmao I don’t see them upside down I have no idea I’m sorry!
  8. Guys I am deceased. Pictures and videos don’t do seeing her in person justice. I was dead center fifth row. She was less then 15 feet from me. I could see the dots in her armpits from her shaving i never cared for the If U Seek Amy performance before but she had so much personality and was so silly during it. It was a surprising highlight for me. seeing her is the best thing ever, I have zero words sorry. Life changing. Heres me being a goober. and I followed them through the casino and gave them a card for Britney I made. They said they would give it to her management but they weren’t allowed to give it directly to her (duh). PS iPhone cameras suck at concerts. This doesn’t do it justice. I could see her so perfectly and close! View My Video PSS the hat came to me and this tall dude grabbed it over me and knocked my glasses off of my face (that was fun). They take a photo of the person who catches it and take it back (lol). PSSS I’m going again tonight. I wish meet & greets were still available and not $2300/the end
  9. I’m seeing her in AC tonight! I pray she’s well enough to do the show!
  10. ifuseekarianna

    tour Meet & Greet Question

  11. TSwift does a “surprise” song each show. One that isn’t included in the tour.
  12. ifuseekarianna

    tour Meet & Greet Question

  13. ifuseekarianna

    tour Meet & Greet Question

    What are the meet and greet instructions typically? What time do they ask you to meet somewhere when the show begins at 8?
  14. I’ll be there tomorrow and Saturday also Meet & Greet peeps: when do they usually ask you meet, etc if the show is at 8? I don’t have one but I’m researching...