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  1. Paulino999

    socialney Can we agree now that POM wasnt so bad?

    IF DOMINATION returns
  2. Paulino999

    exhale Realistic B10 Predictions

    I predict IS going to be scrapped.... we will have another scrapped video ... another horrible publicity, the cover will be a screen cap... she will re hire charm Ladonna, so she will have a lot of Zumba moves its going to be a feature with a random singer,,, she is not going to talk about the album... just her perfumes and her favourite food.. and her kids... that they are going to be 18 years old when they release the album.. wich is gong to be really awkward... expect the less... so you don't get hurt...
  3. Paulino999

    music Britfan505

    He was amazing wherever he is gave us amazing demos.. abroad is amazing... god old bless him
  4. Paulino999

    music Since the Make Me original video was scrapped

    JUSTICE for make me.... im sure that if the original video would have been released ... everything would have been. Different .. more singles,,, make me would have been a success... the VMAS performance would have been different... a different story...
  5. Paulino999

    exhale Should Britney try microblading?

    No more things to her face... just PROFESIONAL make up, thats all
  6. Paulino999

    exhale Will she ever “come back”?

    SHE needs a NEW TEAM NEW DIRECTION NEW EVERYTHING... WITH THE RIGHT TEAM... SHE CAN DO IT.. even with the negative things that she has now and that everyone know.... with the right team she can... ok BRITNEY is Not ok... we all know that.... but wih the right team.. they can hide that, or get our attention in something else... but her team has SANK HER this past years...and of course now is harder... i prefer not to have any hope left, there has been a lot of downs lately.. and dissapointments, so i just accept it... the only hope left is that she change her management team... She needs a new manager a new team... someone younger and fresh...
  7. WAS amazing to see her that day.. hope pe WE have another performance of that level... im sure she can pull another BETTER
  8. FOR me BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS 2016 Was the first time she presented in an award show looking good, ( SMS Rihanna, pretty girls, was bad ) and was the first time after so many years that she delivered a good performance LIVE IN AN AWARD SHOW, this remindED me why I became a fan of this girl... I saw that fire again in her eyes, seeing those public reaction was amazing, really, and after all she went through, looking her like this was amazing I felt so proud of her,,,, everytime i see this performance I smile
  9. Paulino999

    tour what a moment, i will never forget

    SHE looked amazing and had an amazing energy,,, her body etc,,, such a lame the production they took to this tour...
  10. Paulino999

    rumor Britney's 'Domination' Won't Reportedly Return Until 2020

    THE Grand Prix
  11. Paulino999

    music Serious topic: Why is Gimme More so underrated?

    GIMME MORE UNDERRATED? I don't think so... it's an amazing song and GP LOVES IT
  12. Im still expecting an amazing performance of circus... CIRCUS TOUR... HAD AN AMAZING PERFORMANCE AND PRODUCTION.. but the choreo was meh... and in POM... was boring... CIRCUS DESERVES AN AMAZING CHOREO PRODUCTION , ETC.