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  1. Boohoo Katy. Stop making excuses and just get back to work. Or take a break and enjoy your life. You dont have to keep fighting for the top spot. Youve already proven yourself. You made it. YOU GOT ORLANDO BLOOM. You won. Lol
  2. I honestly dont care whatever she decides to do... AS LONG AS SHE DECIDES TO DO IT! Live your life Brit, **** the haters, and do you. <3
  3. Histotechnician! I cut up people into tiny little slivers of tissue, process it and test it for different kind of cancers and diseases! Love my job!
  4. Dont cry, hold on tight, now that i found you.... sooooo good.
  5. LOVE Tinashe. I though Flame wad great but I really enjoy the urban R&B feel of Aquarius. Could have done without some of the featured rappers bc... they kind of take away from the songs. Idk
  6. She looks great but I bet the trolls will find something to pick on.
  7. “Im a sure fire *****-cat but I aint gotta tell you that” lol oh Geri so sexuallll
  8. This album got exactly what it deserved. She released better random songs than what she offered in her album. Let You Be Right is awesome. The title track wasnt even included on it!!! She can do better.
  9. I’d totally buy it if I could. That museum would make sooooo much money. Seriously. They shouldn’t sell it and just do tours of it and tell stories about Britney singing and dancing in each room and share home videos. Idk that’d be cool.
  10. Britney is gonna show up on Spotify as The M&Ms or whatever from like 2008. Ha
  11. She talks crap about people. Then she makes bad music. Then she cuts her hair into some ugly pixie cut lol she deserves it. She needs to get back to her roots and find the magic that was from her first album.
  12. I actually really enjoyed the song. Would have preferred a little more Britney in it.
  13. Future Nostalgia wins for me. Gaga, a lot of your music today sounds the same. Like where’s the magic from The Fame? Doesn’t feel like she has the drive anymore. Like dance/pop music is behind her. Just my thoughts.
  14. Noah seems more authentic than Miley. Like she is who she is... who is miley? I dont even think she knows. Shes plenty famous and rich. She can stop trying to chase fame and popularity and just be herself.
  15. I dont know if its just me, but honestly, no one cares anymore. Her music hasnt been good since Prism.
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