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  1. Just reminded me of a girl singing this song whilst trying to imitate Britney. Poor imitation although I did think she sounded a little like her when she sang 'tonight' https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=412024019645663&_rdr
  2. To say she's influenced by them, her music doesn't appeal to me the way the way any of theirs do. I grew up listening to Britney, Mariah, Celine, Whitney & Christina - they're literally all I listen to , to this day. I'm not feeling Ava Max though sorry. Sweet but psycho isn't too bad when I've had a gin or two mind.
  3. She looked so good in the video too. That look was just working for her.
  4. I wonder how her team have explained what's currently happening to Britney herself. She must have some awareness, would be easy enough for a member of the public to shout about it while she's out getting fro-yo or something...
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