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  1. Omg loving the reggaeton vibes Wish she did a song like that during the mid-2000s
  2. Idc if it’s a cover. It’s by far the best non-single from the BOMT era. Mariahney did that.
  3. This. The energy was great but she lacked fluidity and many parts of the choreo were simply just awkward and incohesive to the rhythm of the song. I also found the stage a little too minimalistic for such an extravaganza and hate how she got shuffled in the back by standing on that orb for almost the entire part of the Oops segment. It’s a memorable performance but also highly overrated in terms of quality. The highlight is really only the very beginning and at the end when she drops to the floor.
  4. Maluma by far. Nick isn’t even all that handsome and barely has any features that make him stand out. Sorry not sorry.
  5. Toxic and BOMT are sonically better as well, have catchier melodies and hold more replay value.
  6. She wanted normalcy and someone who wasn't 'Hollywood', and she found that in Kevin. Did he reciprocally love her back? I believe he did during the honeymoon stage of their relationship but like many men in their 20s, he wasn't ready to commit and settle down hence why she pushed for marriage more than he ever did. That being said, marriage with her probably wasn't what it seemed and when you're married to one of the most famous women of all time, I can imagine the drawbacks. Kevin was also probably high off of all this newfound notoriety to really step back and assess their relationship in the grand scheme of things. He just went along the ride and took advantage of whatever 15 minutes of fame he got.
  7. Britney, as a young woman in her 20s who was battling postpartum depression after having two children in the span of two years and dealing with a nasty, vicious divorce wanted to experience partying then and who are we to judge her for that. I suggest you read some books and brush up a little bit on what postpartum depression is and the effect it has on the psyche, especially for young women. Regardless of Paris in or out of her life, she was going to reignite that clubbing and partying lifestyle that she probably longed for. If I was under the circumstances she was under, especially for someone who was so confined and needed an escape after a tumultuous marriage, I would have done the exact same thing. Quit this shaming, misogyny, blame and pointing fingers because it really isn’t doing your argument any favors. The few of you Exhale members running with this desperate narrative are really starting to look like clowns and grasping at literal air at this point. Give it up.
  8. And the crown for worst Exhaler is... a racist and misogynistic Beyonce fan who has never once said anything uplifting about Britney as a person. Are we surprised? Should I dig up some more threads to expose ha even further?
  9. This thread is disgusting @OnlyBeyonce. Using Britney’s damn hair as an indicator of her wellbeing? You know and now I’ve noticed, I don’t think one positive thing has ever come out of your mouth in regards to Britney as a human. Glad to see your true colors finally getting exposed since no one wants this kind of energy on Exhale anymore.
  10. Not you defending a misogynist and racist who isn’t even a Britney fan and has never once said anything positive about her. Yikes, this is a really new and sad low for you. No wonder no one ever takes you seriously on this forum.
  11. This. Some Britney stans are literally worse than Jamie and co., trying to patrol everyone who enters Britney’s life. In this case, an individual who’s shown nothing but endless love and support towards Britney and has only ever said the nicest things without talking behind her back. Sometimes, I’m really convinced it was this toxic fandom who was the main driving force behind Britney’s breakdown, which could possibly explain why Britney was so afraid of her fans for so long. Again, they’re never satisfied and will always find something new to complain about. Britney, as a young woman in her 20s who was battling postpartum depression and a vicious divorce, wanted to experience partying then and who are we to judge that decision. Now fans want to twist the narrative and point the blame on Paris when Britney was going to do all of that partying with or without her as a companion.
  12. That was speculation from tabloids (which we know are rubbish) and debunked considering that Britney and Paris were hanging out and going to eachother’s homes when she was still with Kevin and before she re-hired Larry in 2006. Once Britney had Preston and got divorced, she fell into postpartum depression and it was her conscious decision, not Larry’s, to go out and party after being confined for so long while trying to raise her babies. That also included a back-to-back pregnancy which not only takes a toll on the physical body but the psyche as well. Brooke Shields even talks about it in her book and why many women, especially young mothers, feel the need to relive their youth (partying, going out, drinking, acting reckless, etc.) after having children. In Britney’s case, it also didn’t help that she was also experiencing a nasty divorce from someone who stood her up and essentially used her to gain notoriety. Also Larry got fired for completely different reasons which had to do with Britney’s personal angst and rebellion. Anyway — Please stop spreading false narratives. I genuinely thought you were past that but here you are, yet again, finding something new to blow out of proportion since obviously bored. Imagine how tired we are. Imagine how tired we are.
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