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  1. And where is the proof of that? From my understanding that was a rumor which was eventually debunked.
  2. Poor @OnlyBeyonce! Truly the jester of Exhale exposing themselves as a fake fan and misogynist right before our very own eyes!
  3. I think we should start trusting Paris sweetie. She has only ever said nice things about Britney and is one of the few a-list stars who hasn’t been afraid to speak out against her conservatorship. She genuinely cares for her and it’s obvious through her body language/tone. Given that Paris was also a victim of abuse/trauma, I’m sure she relates to an extent and will always have a soft spot in her heart for Britney.
  4. Slayer coming in with the hot boiling tea. We love to see it. And yes, I’ve noticed this @OnlyBeyonce user is usually either riling up some sort of negativity or just always seems to be judging Britney in a very subtle tone. Glad I’m not the only one who sees through their bull. Regardless, their comments are disgusting and the user really just seems like an excuse of a faux fan to me. Then again are we really surprised given their username?
  5. Sweetie, stop embarrassing yourself. Did I once ever claim Paris or Britney to be perfect? In fact, that’s the opposite of what I’m arguing for. A woman should have the right to party with friends without being crucified by people like you. Of course, as long as the individual isn’t putting their children in danger and Britney was not in this instance. Ironic enough, you’re the one rewriting history and using this tired, false and insensitive narrative which holds no credibility or ground. Anyway, just say you’re a backward-minded misogynist and move on, or keep dragging yourself into the mud and exposing yourself as a clown who’s failing to understand the bigger picture here. The choice is yours.
  6. I always loved this podcast, such an underrated one. I’ll definitely check it out later tonight.
  7. Well then thank goodness most of, if not everybody here disagrees with you and your misogynistic statements 1. I also witnessed that time too so I don’t get the argument you’re making here. 2. According to a simple Google search from 2007, Paris Hilton was only second to Britney for most trending female celebrity for that year. Kim did not begin gaining momentum as a socialite until 2008 and it wasn’t until 2009 that she surpassed Paris in public interest, so please go and brush up on your research before you speak of something you know absolutely nothing of. 3. Again, it is absolutely unfair and disgusting of you to place the blame on Paris. Partying out in West Hollywood with a female socialite does not equate to losing freedom and children. There is absolutely no correlation. Kevin on the other hand was a gold digger who used Britney for fame, money and notoriety. People like Sam Lutfi are also partly responsible for the strict restrictions that came into play. 4. That’s the price of fame which Britney couldn’t handle. Kevin was out partying but you didn’t see hundreds of photographers chasing him. This is why we fight for Britney’s freedom and rights to this day because she should be allowed to make her own decisions, even if it’s partying, without that blame and scrutiny. What celebrities are getting away with now wasn’t always so easy for Britney then, especially during the peak of tabloid culture/pre-social media, unlike now where celebrities are primarily responsible for their own narrative. Once again, your post reeks, is backwards-minded and remains disgusting. Why you’re still grasping straws out here in thin air is beyond me but continue making yourself out to look like a clown and laughingstock, if that best suits you.
  8. So we’re going to crucify two young women in their 20s for wanting to go out and party/experience life, as if a mother isn’t allowed to do so? Are you aware that Paris was just as, if not, a bigger name than Britney during the peak of the mid-2000s tabloid culture? Are you also aware of how confined Britney felt from 2005-06 while having two children and having an unsupportive husband by her side who left Britney at home alone for days at a time while he was partying in Vegas? Britney always stated she never wanted to feel like a prisoner and her going out was a means of expressing that. I mean, if I was in her situation I would be out every night as well after all the **** she went through during those two years with a gold digging womanizer who left her and her babies alone. Anyway, your post reeks of misogyny and you really sound like a right now pointing and placing the blame on Paris. Then again, shocked but not surprised this is coming from you.
  9. Lady Gaga’s dog walker was reportedly shot in the chest four times in Los Angeles Wednesday night by gunmen who stole two of the superstar’s beloved bulldogs — with the distraught star offering a $500,000 reward. Ryan Fischer was ambushed close to his home in West Hollywood as he walked Gaga’s dogs Koji, Miss Asia and Gustavo at around 10 p.m., according to DailyMail.com and TMZ. Gaga — who is in Italy — is so distraught she is offering $500,000 to get her dogs back, with no questions asked, sources told The Post. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that it was not clear if the thieves knew the dogs belonged to Gaga, saying French Bulldogs are often targeted because they are in high demand. Source: New York Post https://nypost.com/2021/02/25/lady-gagas-dog-walker-shot-in-the-chest-dogs-stolen-report/ Everyday, I lose more and more hope in humanity. Praying for Lady Gaga, Ryan Fischer and her dogs. I have no words. This is beyond heartbreaking.
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