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  1. Everyone either just looks more plastic or worn out. There’s no in-between.
  2. DignifiedLove

    other Say what you want about BJ, but....

    I agree, 2013/2014 was the best she looked this decade.
  3. I explained in my post before this why she didn’t and really couldn’t fully transition into a singer-songwriter type. Britney was already pop royalty by 2000 and one of the biggest music phenomenons the world had seen, so it didn’t make sense for her to go full-on Sheryl Crow due to being on such a high pedestal, even if that’s what her heart had longed for. Ultimately, she fed into the hype of the pop machine circulating her career and pursued the direction her label had planned for her. That, and over the years, Britney enjoyed being more sexy, as well as discovering her sexuality.
  4. DignifiedLove

    Scott Storch

    100% yes. Britney is long overdue for a Scott Storch banger. His new stuff is still fire too.
  5. oh.... you wanna argue argue again? girl i- anyway..she was marketed as teen pop, naughty-but-nice, girl-next-door Lolita turned sex vixen since the beginning, as you know. During a rs interview in 2000 with Rob Scheffeld, she literally admitted that she wanted to release a Sheryl Crow-esque type of record and found her Baby/Oops albums to be very controlling by her record label so you cannot tell me otherwise. Then again, the music industry, then, was very sex-driven and she ultimately fed into the hype surrounding her success/popularity that there wasn’t really any way she could have turned the tables around. Yes, she was never a songwriter type, per se, like Fiona Apple who was classically trained in piano as a child and came from an upscale musical family, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t master that skill. Songs like Everytime, To Love Let Go, Someday, Little Me prove my point that Britney had potential and tried to be a recognized songwriter, but unfortunately, a lot of her material was swept under the rug and she ultimately fell deeper into the pop machine where sex and dance-pop continued to be the priority. anyway, it’s not a big deal. what’s done is done and by the end of the day, Britney made her mark in the industry and became pop royalty.
  6. DignifiedLove

    music Since the Make Me original video was scrapped

    it’s been 3 years.. get over that shitty music video and boring ass album that only appealed to weho powerbottoms.
  7. She was 16 and became a global sensation overnight so she really had no time to grow or develop into a well-established/serious songwriter type. That being said, it’s unfair to say she’s not a great songwriter, especially when she wasn’t really given the chance. Had Britney’s career not taken off in the way that it did, I could have definitely seen her being more hands-on and by 2000, that’s ultimately what she wanted. Problem is that she was far too wrapped in this global pop machine and being labeled as the pop princess that she couldn’t just full-on go Sheryl Crow or Fiona Apple, for example. When all is said and done, you can say it worked out, but Britney struggled a lot to gain artistic freedom.
  8. She tried in 04-07, but was far too wrapped up in the pop machine. It just didn’t work for her even though she had a lot of potential.
  9. Literally, mess at the overdramatic people on here stating how they’re no longer Britney ‘stans’ when they’re active members on a Britney Spears forum in 2019 praising/critiquing her past work. make it make sense.
  10. sis, no one in the right state of mind stans Britney and her current career. The bulk of Britney’s legacy lies from 99-09 and that’s what a majority of us stan. occasionally, you’ll get someone praising something from FF, X-Factor BJ/Vegas or Glory, but Britney’s legacy is heavily dependent on those years of when she was the main pop girl. you’re a STAN. who is more in favor of Britney’s craft during her prime, like myself and literally the rest of us. Or else you wouldn’t be on here posting pictures of Britney, voting in polls and critiquing her music/performances/videos, etc. if that was the case and based on your logic, then I’m not a stan either.
  11. ummm but maybe she would have been more respected as an artist and lived a more tame, happier life without the manipulation of the media, handlers, press and paps. did that ever occur to you? oh but that’s right, you’re against artists who showcase vulnerability and rawness in their music, for some odd reason. Like fave, like stan I guess.
  12. DignifiedLove

    other One of Britney top shoots

    It’s nice but not anywhere near her top best photoshoots yikes, Delusionalcorn87 at it again
  13. Not if legend x released bomt and came to save the day
  14. What if Britney took the singer-songwriter route a la Fiona Apple, Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Cole, Sheryl Crow, etc.? Would she have still made her mark on the music industry and be regarded as a legend in her own right or would she have simply faded into obscurity? Would that have also meant artists like Jessica, Mandy and Willa would have found more success? Would Christina Aguilera have been the reigning princess of pop instead? Surely, someone would have had to fill the gap of pop’s revival if it wasn’t Britney. Thoughts?
  15. DignifiedLove

    video She's not doing it like this anymore

    She did what she had to do and showed the girls how it should be done