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  1. When and were finally made emotes, my legend status was solidified
  2. We need a Dan and Gabriel reunion
  3. Omg I bet I’m sorry you had to endure that
  4. Not releasing a video for My Only Wish (This Year) Lonely, What It’s Like To Be Me and I Got That Boom Boom not being singles aka the hits that got away Am I A Sinner and She’ll Never Be Me not making the final cut for Britney (2001) Releasing a collaboration album with The Neptunes in 2002 Co-starring as a cameo in the Scary Movie series as Carmen Electra’s character instead Not releasing Right Now (Taste the Victory) as the official FIFA 2002 World Cup anthem 2004 VMA Outrageous/Toxic/Boom Boom medley performance Sippin’ On being released as a single in 2005 (ft. Jadakiss) 911, All That She Wants, Dramatic, Kiss You All Over, Let Go, Little Me, Sugarfall and Untitled Lullaby not making the final cut for Blackout An acoustic/MTV unplugged performance of BOMT, Oops, Lucky and Toxic Turning down Naughty Boy’s La La La in 2013 Slumber Party ft. Rihanna instead of Tinashe
  5. Sonically, it's her best chorus alongside BOMT, Lucky and Toxic
  6. Agreed. Oops music video is an absolute masterpiece and the editing was a1. No offense to Try Again because I do love Queen Godliyah as well but Oops is by far the better video. Oops also deserved a VOTY nom and should have replaced D'Angelo's overrated Untitled video where he's literally just standing there in one shot doing nothing but flexing his muscles for 4 minutes straight. Perfect example of overhyped male mediocrity and a slap in the face to the other hard working artists who actually put in the effort. In this case, Oops which had an actual budget and the far better production.
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