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  1. DignifiedLove

    exhale I will never, EVER get over this.

    True and that's a very interesting perspective. However, who's to say she couldn't be the pop princess and showcase strong, live vocal capabilities? Had she taken that route, maybe she would have even been bigger today and other pop artists like Xtina or Bey wouldn't have been as popular as they were or are.
  2. DignifiedLove

    exhale I will never, EVER get over this.

    Um, ok. Any aspiring artist who is looking to make it mainstream or break commercially will take what's handed to them if it means commercial success. Once BOMT hit the airwaves, no one knew how much of an impact her debut would have had. From there, they knew they had a naive teenage girl with the potential to become a superstar who had everything working in her favor. The image she sold was a brand, and Britney was a newbie they wanted to sell, and once they realized that this barely legal, girl-next-door look worked, and knew Britney wasn't shying from it either, she agreed, they ran with that and there was no backing out. In essence, she was that a pop star who kept up with the trends, made chart music and was pretty much owned by a record label who wanted the next big thing -- and she never really questioned it following her massive debut. Unfortunately, the downside was that her opinion hardly meant anything from the beginning and that's where she found it hard to break out of this pop machine once she wanted to grow as an artist so no, it wasn't that easy to change her style of music since she was so consumed in it for so long that it ultimately backfired. Yes, she was enjoying every bit of her success (I am not denying that), but look at what happened when Britneymania died down.
  3. DISCLAIMER: Long rant as this is not intended to be negative. Just listen to this. The voice that could have moved mountains. So much potential for a f**king 15-year-old, yet Britney Spears' label, executive producers and management BRAINWASHED her to (permanently) change her style of singing, diminishing her vocal range/potential and being labeled by the general public as a 'talentless puppet that could never really sing'. Fact of the matter - Britney never really got a chance to ever showcase her vocal talent to the general public and then people have the nerve to say that Britney Spears wouldn't be the icon she is today if she didn't switch it up to that nasal, raspy tone. Sure, it was cute during her first two eras or so, but for her to forcefully use that voice during the span of her entire career has done far more harm than good. Mark my words and some of you may disagree but I genuinely believe this was the underlying reason Britney had become so insecure throughout adulthood, and even to this day. Here she was, leading the pack for an entire era of pop music for a good five to six years where squeaky, commercialized voices were in and choreographed routines were the norm, but what was supposed to happen when that shtick was done? You take away all the visuals, flashing lights, and dancing -- what are you left with? Look at the state of Britney's career today; the proof is right there. The girl can't rely on her voice because she's been brainwashed since the age of 16-17 to not only lip-sync, but believing she couldn't sing like her contemporaries (Refer to Diane Sawyer Interview in 2003 where she talks about her voice), hence why she and her disgusting team find ways to disguise her voice rather than showcase it (99% of the time). That, plus the definitive conclusion which we all know -- she doesn't give two shits about her artistic integrity, nor her legacy anymore. She has simply become so comfortable just sitting back with her boring Residency that she no longer feels the need to put up an effort. To top it off, she is beyond lazy that she can't even be bothered to pre-record her vocals, the bare minimum. And just an FYI, this is not an attack on Britney Spears, arguably the BIGGEST female artist of the last 20 years alongside Beyonce, but just imagine the state of Britney's career today if she wasn't surrounded by such filthy, greedy businessmen who milked her like a money machine and exploited her as an object so early in her career -- which ultimately became of her. Those people, NOT ONCE, cared for Britney's integrity hence why she fired them all at one point in her life. Simple as that -- they were in it for the money and her breakdown was as a result of rebelling. And then we wonder why artists like Beyonce or Rihanna continue to succeed, progress and relate to the public -- simple as that - they weren't taken advantage of the way Britney was taken advantage of multitude of things, including her most important asset and the primary reason she got a record label in the first place -- her voice. Other than Michael Jackson, I can't recall any other artist who's had it harder in the music industry than Britney herself and to this day, I have never seen such a fanbase so committed than the Britney Army and it makes sense because we, alongside the media and general public, have gradually leaned towards this sort of leniency and became more forgiving/self-accepting of Britney after the tribulations of 2004-2008. And this is aside from the fact that Britney's career has been nothing but self-destructive during the past decade or so, from one mistake to another, but regardless of that, Britney's legacy is far too cemented in pop culture for anyone to ever forget her - at least in today's landscape. She's had the staying power of someone like Madonna, however, she hardly evolved and her artistic growth decayed after 2008. As a Britney fan for years, it makes me literally stick to my stomach to see all that potential, talent, charm, charisma, beauty, etc. go to waste -- all because she was surrounded by the wrong people. And when she needed that guidance and support, nobody bothered to intervene. When all is said and done, her career is figuratively unparalleled -- no female artist since Britney Spears' debut has had the impact she had on the music industry, but on the dark-side, look at Britney Spears today - completely aloof from who she used to be as an artist -- and for many years, a human being. I even wonder if Britney had a chance to truly showcase her voice like most artists do, how would the likes of Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and so many others do? Whether you like it or not, the truth of the matter is Britney was a very rare, gifted talent and once had strong powerhouse vocals with a vocal resonance at just a child that would leave 10 y/o Xtina and Bey in the dust. Yet, ironic enough, she's seen today by non-fans and the general public as someone who 'can't sing' and is 'talentless'. Talk about a triple-threat that was destroyed too soon. Anyway, I'm sorry if I came across as very blunt but I guess I'm just very upset about all this, especially after hearing her early demo of "You Got It All" from 1996-97, as well as revisiting some of the early videos of her singing as a child. I always envisioned Britney belting out some ballads and performing on stage with just a mic and chair. Had she actually had the chance to showcase her vocal skills throughout her entire career rather than relying on lip-syncing, maybe that would have been a reality and still a strong asset of hers where she would be known for her voice a la Mariah, Xtina, Bey, etc., but Britney, the vocalist, hardly got the chance to shine the way we know it deserved.