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  1. I think you might wanna check how the lockdown was imposed in China and what everything happened during this time. Pretty sure you wouldn’t want anything like that where u are
  2. Well, they need to check themselves first! It feels really good to be a part of the Exhale family, thank you guys!
  3. What! OMG! You actually did it, guys!!! I am so proud of you lol it feels like a little win over a rude troll lol
  4. Probably! But, its their loss anyway, I probably liked lots of their pictures before, while now, I wont because, well, I am blocked The more I think about it, the more I would love to spill that juice into their face
  5. OMG, I am so sorry for the unpleasant experience! Never would I ever say people behind those accounts aren't real and really, the biggest fans. But now I see it is way different in real life
  6. thank you for the extremely warm words, SlayOut, I stan hard for your posts lol Yeah, I suppose, there's nothing left to do but leave them in their delusion or smth
  7. Wow, thanks for the positive words!! I think its them being wrong and having too much of an ego to accept it
  8. And declares Anticipating as her fav song ever on Instagram story!!! You have 11 hours left to check it out hahah don't know how to rip off Insta story
  9. well, I can only say, I look up to one of the nicest pop stars out there, whom is always down to earth and act so nicely around people but yeah, I guess some would use some more Blackout realness to deal with them
  10. you are probably right, it is not that important. But, you know, this isnt the first time I saw smth like this. There is a "comparasion" picture floating around Instagram, comparing her "2015" and 2017 body, with the former using pic from the FF tour lol. And people called it out, but those profiles don't care lol
  11. Ahhh thanks!! Because I did feel kinda bad after it, like, why even bother, really. But, I meant only good lol it's them w the wrong info lol
  12. OMG thank you so much for wise words! It is weird when you encounter such rude behaviour within the community
  13. UPDATE: They corrected it!!! We are bad *******, exhale!!! *** So I scroll by Instagram and I saw this cute pic of FFney performing and I open it to like it And there I notice they have written that the pic is from the Lace and Leather performance, which I find wrong and nicely tell them about it, to which they reply w single "nope" So I do a quick youtube check of the actual tour and soon figure out, I am right and again, tell them nicely, they need to correct their info, to which they reply w the bitchiest response and even block me so I can't send my response! I don't know if this is one of y'all or not, I didn't say anything else, but to correct the info. The rudeness was so unnecessary and so isn't in the Britney spirit and in the way she teaches us to be polite and nice to each other
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