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  1. I thought his ruptured colon was bullshit...? TMZ is such a joke, what the hell is happening...
  2. Haven't posted on exhale in a while... Is anyone else super annoyed by the fact the whole "skinny as a needle" thing is probably her team's ploy to make her look "crazy" again? To convince the public she should be in a conservatorship, rewriting the narrative? The whole story is blowing up everywhere, and everyone is commenting things like "she seems too mentally unstable to be on social media"...
  3. I honestly think this is her best after Toxic, I'm surprised it doesn't get more attention. She looks amazing and the song sounds so cool even in 2018
  4. That's the point haha, this style is very trendy in 2018. Like that but her hair is still very blonde, it's a "cooler" tone.
  5. I remember vividly how I had so many fantasies after seeing the Toxic video... Maybe I was too young before then, but that was definitely like a ****** awakening for me. Seeing her touch a mans wet lap, her rubbing her butt on his ****, the making out, her visible panties under the uniform, etc etc
  6. I love blasting this song in the summer before heading out with my girls
  7. Omg Y'all realize high fashion, especially when it comes to runways, is more than anything just like creative clothing art? Kenzo is a huge and respected name in fashion, I'm dying at everyone calling it ugly This is amazing for Britney, I can't wait to see the official pics, I'm hoping to see V magazine Brit again.
  8. It's one of her best and most well-known songs! Just because someone says Toxic is their fav doesn't mean they don't know the rest of her songs, and even if they don't know much of her discography they are still entitled to say they are a "fan" of her and what they know of her. I didn't know people were pretentious about Britney music though, this is interesting
  9. All I was saying is it doesn't always work perfectly and there is software out there you can use to get a similar result for free. Feel free to use it if you're choosing to, but I tried out a preview last night and it doesn't sound any different from what I can do on audacity.
  10. It's a program that "removes vocals" from songs to make karaoke versions. You have to pay for it though and it doesn't actually remove the vocal track so it doesn't always work perfectly. You can do the same thing for free with audacity
  11. This. I love the song, but it sounded dated even when it was originally released.
  12. Looks like a modern day Jersey Shore with French ppl in LA. I don't think it's a big deal though idk why people are saying it's bad for her image, it seems like Britney just makes a red carpet appearance and they freak out at her presence. It's not like she's partying with them or acting dumb. And it looks like Sam is doing some coaching? Confidence or modelling coaching?
  13. Also their relationship is cute. They're always doing fun activities to stay active together
  14. I like how she adds "not professional" before people start flooding her comments with critiques on her form and technique
  15. She definitely needs to get a little edgier if she wants to be taken seriously. I would love a darker sound matched with a similar aesthetic to the one in the video you linked. When I first heard Make Me (mind you I had unstanned since FFT at this point) I found it cringey. It sounds kind of like Ariana Grande song, but even softer and tamer. If that's the kind of music Britney wants to make I respect that but I wish she'd channel a little more of a badass persona for her artistry. Britney the mommy should be different from Britney the popstar.
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