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  1. Via Infinito

    other Why did the Grammys tweet about Britney...?

    Grammy is just as irrelevant as the VMAs nowadays many artists even refuse to show up cuz the process of voting is rigged proof? check how many Grammies Beyonce have
  2. Via Infinito

    other Is she mentally healthy?

    i think she has something related to anxiety definitely definitely not a people person. As for the drugs and alcohol, she must be an addict. Therefore, you can never let an addict near any of that stuff. ever.
  3. there is a THEME going on they are being consistent with it It seems like Domination has an apocalyptic vibe. judging from the logo, the poster, and now TTWE as the background song.
  4. Her vocal performances on Glory is perfection The last time I remembered her sounding this good was on ITZ Glory is still my fav album from her based on her vocal performances alone
  5. Via Infinito

    She performed like she wanted to go home

    I think the choreo for POM has always been zumba-y Her fluidity is still there on the Breathe On me performance cuz it's choreographed in a way that flows They just need to give her cool choreography on Domination
  6. It's that order on my Apple Music and on Spotify I think DYWCO is track 7
  7. the conservatorship is definitely set up with these goals in mind: 1. protect her from drugs and alcohol 2. running all her finance and investments ( due to her reckless spending back in the days) 3. protecting her from legal troubles and suing 4. protect her privacy regarding her medical issues ( it's amazing that we still don't know what medical condition she has) I highly doubt it's as malicious as y'all make it out to be. the bubble is providing her stability and structure, yah it's boring but it's better than her being free and reckless ruin all her monies and doing drugs/ making bad decisions. Plus with all the millions that she's making, plus all the passive income from the estate, the monies she pays out to all these people are just a tiny tiny fraction. She/ her family are clearing paying these monies to protect her financially and legally. If she truly wants to retire, she can easily make a lot of people redundant aka managers, stylists, bodyguards, and literally do nothing for the rest of her life and just use her royalties to pay the conservatorship. She's working because she wants to, she's just taking it easy.
  8. Via Infinito

    She performed like she wanted to go home

    they really did not give her one single complicated choreo during Circus promo or she just half-assed it down to literally the most minimal moves and just walked from spot to spot
  9. Urgh I left out Toxic she has too many songs 27. Toxic 28. Overprotected 29. Toy Soldier 30. Boys
  10. I believe she should do less dancing, but more effective choreography, like how BOM is executed but choreographed from beginning to end, with no place for improvisations POM 2.0 has 26 slots in total so here goes: Add all the lead singles: 1. BOMT, 2. Oops, 3. Slave, 4. MATM ( since it's more street and urban) 5. Gimme More 6. Womanizer 7. HIAM ( plz for the love of god) 8. WB 9. Make Me ( an even more rauchy version if possible) 10 + 11 + 12 : new songs I want to see 13. 3 14. Radar 15. Circus 16. The Hook Up 17. Outrageous 18. Scream N Shout (as interlude) 19. Till The World Ends 20. Stronger 21. Born To Make You Happy 22. Til It's Gone ( Interlude) 23. Better ( Interlude) 24. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know 25. Everytime ( Interlude) 26. Crazy ( Interlude) But I mean it depends on the narrative
  11. This is so f**king tragic no matter how much u trash Pomney, she is miles and miles better than this. I think Pomney has recovered sooo much compared to 2008ney
  12. lol last cash grab I doubt she cares either I'm excited for the new show tbh
  13. More urban I think With Britney, less is more. Give her simple, effective choreos plz aka Very easy but amazing to look at
  14. Via Infinito

    tour Meet and Greets are now $2000

    that's good, more premium, less people for britney to interact with
  15. i think her mic died or something