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  1. The quickest way to film this is actually to just use her house but make it super dark and trippy and neon-like her house is beautiful enough as a setting without having to set up much stuff
  2. At this point they might as well just rebrand Glory as a 2020 album
  3. Just to be safe, play the version on apple music ( not the version you bought) apparently everytime ur fone connects to the internet it updates the figures
  4. Yes I dont even know about this procedure it means she has always had a gap there I mean didnt one of the posts she said she used to have bad teeth when she was young
  5. 2020 IS WILD If last year you tell me that world is basically crumbling with a deadly virus, the US is having an anarchy style meltdowns over police brutality, China seizing control of Hong Kong and a ******* 4 year old *** bonus track by Britney Spears is hitting no1 on Itunes for 2 days in a row blocking a brand new dance pop Gaga album, I would call u crazy but here we are
  6. I envision a crystalized cave set with mood ring colours and make it super trippy
  7. I dont mind it tbh it’s a british look i’m just curious if she will fix it because if she does we will know she will be filming lol
  8. They actually have an article explaining why she has a gap in her teeth. It’s called teeth bonding https://www.distractify.com/p/why-does-britney-spears-have-a-gap-tooth if we see her teeth fixed in the next few days then we know the MV for Mood Ring is defo coming
  9. I feel like the only thing she needs to do is fix her teeth lol ( get the teeth bonding again)
  10. I have a non-US account I wanna help sustaining it thanks
  11. Oh btw i live in another country but wanna join in helping the songs i have an email account on apple [email protected] if people want to gift me the song feel free to i wanna support lol it’s hilarious how long it’s no. 1
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