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  1. they should have added a little blood or smt, it really didn't sell the look. is the album good? i like the couple singles i've heard
  2. you have a pont, but also Britney does have a history with not extremely carin about her looks, body positivity and unretouched pictures (when she released the straight from the camera shots from candies). i think it's a long time coming until we know for sure whats happenning also you made me remember the "famos surprise"
  3. Sounds a lot like "little Boots" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McdqerXrwXE omg i loved the albums "hands" so much
  4. Is she opening an OnlyFans? if she is, then Sam better Collab on everypost
  5. Sam is a stan <3 i'm happy for him and nice to know britney was in the wilderness, corona still has me locked up
  6. maxi did an amazing job on slumber party video, Britney looked stunnnig!!! Maxi didn't write anything wrong, it was ambiguous but that's another thing. Let's not drag everyone please, stop the madness.
  7. I dont unseratand what "via text" means but still... "Pretends to be shocked" Imma read that article 👀
  8. zeitgest definetely puts effort in his videos, i appreciate that <3
  9. omg brinniiiiiii why!!!!!!!!? maybe i'll do the same and record it with a lofi mic
  10. i love this!!!! just a sugestion, maybe it's already implemented, but emotes should be able to appear in more than 1 category if they fit them.
  11. LOL i love youtube, i'm premium actually (thanks mom kkkkkkkkk), but omg why would they do this??? stop copycatting!!! their obsession to monopolize is annoying... snapchat got snatched by instagram by monopolistic facebook, and now google coming for tik tok SMH
  12. Britney said WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!??? KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKskjdkjdsk kloca la britney
  13. I see... I’m an digital hoarder 😱 so I have made so many playlist of videos I’ve seen, would like to see or something that makes me click the add to playlist Button xD it’s terrible I’m enjoying the pen sounds rn 🤗 i actually started watching asmr videos because I got a head massage video in my recommendations, it ended up being very funny because the masseur was very rough and slapped the clients head around xD i decided to watch another one and then I couldn’t stop 😭
  14. PJ has awesome sounds <3 Dennis is hot, but his sounds not as great, but still nice. Obviously asmr... i can't ever get to him, always fall asleep earlier or get trapped in the thrist trap ASMR channels edit: the last time i watched Dennis was when some girl tried to cancel him, what happened at the end girl, spill that tea!
  15. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY i got the tingles just reading this, please please please share your curated youtube playlists ahora mismoooo!!!
  16. Dr Gill is cute, can’t wait till he sells out and starts an OF
  17. KKKKKKKKKKKK doing your make up before your exorcism xD now my type of asmr KKKKKKK
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