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  1. Britney was never involved in this deal, her team was. As you said, this deals take months, and who is behind her contracts? Tristar and James Spears, What is so hard to understand? Until Britney is not released from James Spears, he will still get some money of her brand. Make some sense. If Britney would care about this song she will promote on her IG, yet no post or mention could be found. Why because her team are trying to make a quick cut with this bull**** deals, not her. There is no difference between this and the Zone.
  2. LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK! People remember We have the power! We can speak with our wallets. The faster this ends, the faster Britney will release music on her terms.
  3. Britney herself made it clear in COURT that she has no intend of working as long as her father is in charge of her life and career. The next day this rejected song is announced, a total mockery to her and her fans with a cover misguiding people that she is released of her chains when that is far from the truth. You can do whatever you want. You still supporting the slavement of a woman and only giving money( or pennies who cares) to a record company and her handlers. Shame on you.
  4. I remember this, there were pictures of Britney talking to Lynne outside of Juno Lou Trailer in Zoey 101 set. There were even videos, britney was very exaltated, my memory serves me wrong but didnt she gave Lynne somekind of restraining order?
  5. The IG account blocked me lol Now we need to make Boycott the Stars fail. Tristar and James Spears only seem to care about money, so we have to hit them where it hurts the most.
  6. Do not support slavery! This is an insult to Britney and her fans. They think we are mindless robots who only demand new music from her. Have some posture, patience and self respect. She will release new music on her own terms once she is free. The only one gaining from this are Tristar and James Spears. Britney herself said on court that she wont work until she is free from her evil and disgusting father. Come on guys support Britney the person! the Brand can suffer as long as those hell spawn are in control of it.
  7. Disgusting. Her father and the whole team is completely disgusting. And misguiding people with that cover??? a complete insult to Britney and her fans. Do not support this buffoonery. Have patience, Britney will give us new music when the time is right. The only one gaining from this are UO, Jamie Spears and Tristar/LOUcifer
  8. Her lawyer has been claiming that she doesnt have any kind of mental disease in legal papers and Britney herself wants the court papers to be public because according to her there is not medical or personal matters in them. So Im guessing that she is not mentally unstable. But I do think some of the meds that was fed to her for a decade could affect her in some capacity.
  9. Yes! we must stay alert and do as much noise as we can, the world is watching we cant let this happen again. This execs and lawyers rather kill this artists and reclaim insurance than keep dealing with them. Britney will not be their next satanic sacrifice. The Army will not allow it!
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