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  1. I don’t think that would happen but if it did, as long as it was her decision, I’d accept it and still see her.
  2. How is dancing around your house and modeling clothes weird?? Is it weird when other people on social media do the exact same stuff or is it only weird due to the fact that this is Britney Spears. It’s ALWAYS a double standard when it comes to her.
  3. Well considering she had hundreds of paps trailing her every move whenever she left her house during that time and she’s in front of a window, it wouldn’t be hard to miss someone filming her.
  4. Only thing really strange, is what she does with her clothes, other than that, she’s just dancing just to dance, just like she does at home.
  5. I believe Britney is over being the one doing the work but everyone else but her is reaping the benefits from it. I see what she’s doing as a strike, not a break or hiatus. Judging by all the dancing posts we get on Instagram, clearly she still likes to perform, she just wants it to be back on her terms. Plus, do u not see how the media spins everything to make her look unstable, if she were to make a public statement, they and Team CON would most definitely use it against her. It’s better for her, that she fight in court via her attorneys, where it actually matters.
  6. I was disappointed at the 07 vma performance, didn’t get angry tho, my reaction was more like a quiet state of shock. But now knowing what we know, when I think back at it, it really wasn’t that bad when u take all that stuff into consideration. I’ve never had a meltdown tho, at the end of the day, it’s just a form of entertainment. It’s not that serious, unless it’s something I had to shell out money for, then I’ll get a lil mad but not to the point other fans do, like it doesn’t destroy my world and make me wanna have a vendetta, lol
  7. Hopefully, with some changes she’ll eventually feel she doesn’t need this whole thing. As for keeping her from getting pregnant, the most extreme option would be getting her tubes tied but the more logical option would be forcing her to get an iud like someone else said or sneaking a birth control pill in with whatever other pills they’re feeding her, there’s definitely ways to do it. Not gonna lie though, I’d be a tad disappointed if her only reason for wanting this thing changed is just to get married and pregnant. If it’s the case, I hope the guy is a lifer, cuz I would hope she wouldn’t want another Kevin situation.
  8. I would say A LOT of compartmentalizing happens, they’re prolly experts at it by now, Lynne’s prolly been doing it since before Brian was even born in order to deal with Jamie’s bs. You are so right, that whole family needs counseling and it needs to be by a licensed psychologist, not some pastor or other religious organization like Lou’s little cult rehabs.
  9. I also wouldn’t mind knowing why some of y’all feel that if she’s set free, that she’s just gonna automatically revert to how she was 12 years ago, do u really have that little faith in her as a human being?? Do u really feel she couldn’t of possibly learned from her mistakes???
  10. Just out of curiosity, for those so concerned about her posts, what happens if she gets released from the cship but her instagram doesn’t change, what if this is just who Britney is, are u gonna accept it??? Because u can’t fight for a persons freedom and then start saying how they should act, look, etc., if u truly want her to be a free woman, then u need to accept her for who she is including flaws and eccentricities. As long she ain’t out running a muck and doing stuff that puts her or others in danger (which I don’t think she will, I doubt she’d wanna do anything that would put her back in a cship), then nothing else should matter, just let her be her.
  11. True but my comment is more referring to her posts in general, whether they get deleted or not, none of the people judging her posts would have the guts to post stuff like she does.
  12. It’s a shame she has to delete stuff cuz some people can’t resist being judgmental douchebags. At least she has the balls to post some of the stuff she does, all the insecure, gutless motherf—kers judging her surely wouldn’t
  13. All this “concern” wouldn’t exist if she didn’t have a breakdown 12 years ago and was put in a conservatorship but because she did and was, people will forever judge her behavior even when there’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing. Just like u said, other people do weird stuff on social but because this is Britney, whenever she does stuff it’s a crime, so as annoying as it is, u really can’t pay this kinda crap any mind. As for the media, the media is just doing what the media does and only brainwashed sheep blindly swallow everything that the media tells them.
  14. Jamie can try all he wants to use her instagram against her in court but any judge who’s worth their salt would laugh in his face cuz she’s not harming herself or anyone else with the pics/videos she’s doing. It’s not like she‘s causing chaos in the city of Los Angeles like she was in 06. She’s in her house, taking pics and videos doing innocent stuff, only a corrupt judge would use her posts against her. Sure her posts may not be everyone’s cup of tea but she’s not doing anything bad in them, it be criminal to punish her over it.
  15. What would be the point, cuz u know damn well that 95% of fans will say it’s fake and they were holding a gun to her head forcing her to say it just to appease fans. Besides she did give a statement via her attorney in a court document, that holds much more water than some Instagram post. If it’s not enough for you, then that’s on you.
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