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  1. Tagging just Justin is a little suspect considering it’s actually a Jay Z song, Justin is just a guest.
  2. I’m holding opinions till after I actually watch the thing. Waste of time to work myself up over assumptions.
  3. Difference between Britney and the others is that they were given second chances in both career and personal lives, Britney was only given a second chance in her career which succeeded but never in her personal life, all thanks to the cship and it’s obvious based on how hard her dad is fighting, they have no intention of giving her personal life a second chance. Perhaps, if the cship was ended and Britney can prove to the world she can handle her life on her own, maybe then people would stop bringing up what happened 12 years ago.
  4. Celebs are citizens too, so they have every right to express themselves when it comes to that kinda stuff just like we all do. They shouldn’t have to censor themselves just cuz their a public figure. As for Britney, I honestly don’t think she’s the type but if she wanted to, then she should. But I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t worry about how people would react, I just don’t like seeing her get trashed.
  5. Probably not, I might like a song here and there but not enough to even consider myself a fan. I just prefer the kind of music that Britney actually does, plus Britney’s personality, looks/style and the way she performs (esp. in the early days) is what sucked me in. When she arrived on the music scene, she just happened to have the full package that really appealed to me. There’s just something about her.
  6. She looks great but I’d like to know how long these videos are unedited, I feel like most of the time, it’s the editing that can make them seem erratic.
  7. I read the other day, he’s out and already back in the studio, so the joke is not in poor taste.
  8. I read the other day, he’s out and already back in the studio, so the joke is not in poor taste.
  9. I know it’s stupid, it’s such a common mistake and I bet the people judging her for it, had done it them damn selves at one point in time.
  10. I swear it’s infuriating how Britney is treated compared to everyone else, she was completely ragged on and sanity questioned for forgetting to blow out a candle (COMMON mistake) last year, meanwhile, here’s her sister killing cats with a car and now making car jokes and nothing...crickets, if this were Britney, she’d be crucified.
  11. At the end of the day, regardless of the cship, Britney is still a sweet, funny, hot woman, maybe some of these guys such as Charlie, think the cship is super weird but are like, screw it, I like her, so I’ll try to just deal with that aspect of her life but after awhile just can’t deal anymore.
  12. Here’s hoping this is serious and has a lot of focus on the shady court documents and isn’t just focused on social media conspiracies.
  13. I guess we’ll see what happens with Sam when Britney hopefully gets her freedom. These relationships are such a head scratcher tho, if they are all handpicked and approved by Jamie, what on earth made him pick David, is he really so stupid that it did not occur to him that someone who works in the law field might catch onto to shady stuff?? And Charlie, he comes from an entertainment dynasty, is he really gonna stoop so low as to abide by these insanely ridiculous rules, obviously not, since he didn’t last long either. There’s like no rhyme or reason to these guys.
  14. I don’t think he cheated, IMO, with David being a paralegal, he could catch on to things better/faster than the other guys she’s been with and Jamie couldn’t possibly have that. The alleged video didn’t make sense to me either, why hide it, why not put him on blast for the cheating dog he is??? It wouldn’t be embarrassing or shaming to Britney, it would be to David.
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