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  1. She’s not gonna remember stuff the way fans do, hell, not all fans know that stuff either, I sure don’t know how many awards she’s won over the span of 20 freaking years, many of you are just being paranoid.
  2. I’ve seen that users posts before, he/she seems to have an obsession over Britney’s kids might not wanting to see her, it’s weird.
  3. Well the word mostly is better than always, so that leaves a lil wiggle room for having some hope, so let’s just pray this judge has some scruples!!
  4. Some people in this thread are speaking as if it did happen tho and that’s not fair, is it possible, yes very possible but the reality is we don’t know.
  5. Well I think it is part of the “official” rules of the cship but there’s really no way to know how strict they are with the rules and since we’re not there to witness it first hand, it’s not really fair to say she can’t do this, that or the other, when in reality we don’t really know.
  6. If he could take down Weinstein than I do think he’d be able to take down Team Britney, but the only way a serious journalist is gonna take this story seriously is if the fans are serious, fans can’t be sending him conspiracy type stuff such as wear yellow if you’re in trouble or that she’s sending messages through social media and fans also can’t send him assumptions either, like Britney don’t have internet access or Jamie punishes her by keeping the kids from her or her boyfriends are all paid (most fans believe that’s what happens but the thing is we can’t prove it) the only stuff fans should send him is 100% undeniable proof, like the court documents, it might also be good to inform him of the people who’ve actually worked with her who’ve spoken out but absolutely nothing that is conspiracy or rumor.
  7. Hopefully it’s true but I’m not gonna hold my breath waiting.
  8. Obviously celebs use doubles for career related stuff or to trick the paps but some of y’all are suggesting that they’re using a double for Britney 24/7 and are even suggesting that she’s dead, that’s insane!!
  9. There’s still a lot of people who think this movement is a conspiracy and a joke and with some of y’all saying she’s prolly dead or in a coma and they’re using a clone, y’all ain’t helping with that sh-t, lol, that kinda talk makes it jump from conspiracy to bat-sh-t crazy!!! I’m sorry but deep down y’all must know that kinda talk does not help this movement, it may sound logical to people who are genuinely into all things conspiracy but to most people, it just sounds bonkers!!
  10. I highly doubt Jamie would do it, a print statement is one thing but a video interview is another and I don’t think he has the guts to do it!!
  11. Well here’s hoping by that age they can overpower grandpa and knock his old *** the f-ck out if he even dares to block them from seeing her!!!
  12. The fact that most of u in here seem to be excited over the fact this kind of stuff could of happened to her and some are even implying she pretty much prostituted herself for fame is disgusting!!
  13. I know she’s been linked to Proactive Solution but that’s all I’m aware of, unless she shared the name of a product, there’s really know way to know, esp. if it’s a prescription med.
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