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  1. I really like him for some reason i like this gender thing he's doing either is gay, lesbian, transgender straight or whatever
  2. Cute but Mood ring pride remix>>>>>>>> This One sounds like She worked more on the vocals, too bad they oveproduced them as usual
  3. She was jamming to Britney First row during Bbmas in 2016 if i'm not mistaken. Well there's no denying she's spilling the truth still not necessary tho, poor thing needs visibility
  4. I'll listen to the songs and of they are good i'll stream them, not buying anything as long as Britney doesn't ackowledge this project without looking forced...
  5. I' m so exausted by these identical posts her team keep uploading with cringeworthy captions
  6. Wasn't Larry fired long ago tho? why a collaboration with your ex manager z-list clients? Does Britney even know about this?
  7. Clearly has something to do with them scrapping make me video too, they probably didn't want to pay lachapelle for his work by not using It.... Well now they probably have to, since Brit Is not collaborating for new material/ music
  8. You all are making such a big deal with this song but it's something really minor. It's not a new single, It won't turn her\Jamie richer or bankrupt. It really have the Power to do nothing, fans can listen to it, It is Just a bonus track like It was Mood ring remix
  9. Did Britney aknowlege this bonus track in any way? I'm lost i can't go through all these pages
  10. I'm still not so sure about the nose, It might just be makeup, angles and blah blah but the mouth is so obvious and not necessary. She had the best smile in music business and she ruined it, plus i don't understand why her teeth got so separated too, i hope she didnt do that on purpose to give a "Madonna" vibe...
  11. I don't see why she would call her parents because Trump lost... I mean i don't see It as this big trauma even if they supported him...are people so emotive over the president? It's still only 4 years until the next One, not the end of world..
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