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  1. Wait... just one moment. Is Rihanna appropriating religion? ***ualizing religion? Religion has appropriated love and freedom for people, been used to surpressed people and their ***uality. People have used religion to make women, gays, and people of other beliefs lesser and been used as a weapon to minorities. So please, if Rihanna can't use religious symbols and ***ualize anything she want, then can we ****ing cancel religion altoghether? Please don't give any attention to these offended people. We are moving towards a tribalism where identity/religion/nationality is destroying our free and open society. After decades of progress towards a liberal civil society, liberal judicial tradition, and liberal governance this last decade has seen the rise of governments and despots such as Trump, on the heels of tribalistic tendencies.
  2. I loved Shania back in the day. She added pop influences to a very country sound, but I would also say that her appeal was her attitude and a certain edge to her voice. I just didn't see that attitude or edge anymore. I think NOW was too much adult contemporary and too little country. She should work with Shane McAnally. I think he's awesome and someone she could create magic with
  3. Wow, she really removed all the energy from this song. She sounds so bored when she sings it...
  4. The original is so superior. Also, this performance is CANDY. Only it's not available in HD, which is too bad.
  5. Ok, I feel like people are sort of out of perspective on this conversation. Teenage Dream was one of the most successful albums of all time, looking at relative album sales and the singles it spawned. It's equal to Michael Jackson's Thriller regarding how the singles succeeded, and in an era where albums sell less and less, it sold more than 6 million copies worldwide. She followed it up with Prism, an album that allowed her to grow and mature while still spawning two more billboard #1s. It sold almost as much worldwide and was even more successful in some regions saleswise. Then came Witness. Maybe her most coherent album, where the sound was clearly inspired by early 90s music and she wanted to write a more sophisticated album. The lead single got to #4 and the album topped the Billboard charts. Obviously, that is far from how some people compare her to how Bionic flopped. Witness was creatively a very interesting era. Her music videos were inspiring, and songs such as the title track, Swish Swish, Chained To The Rhythm and Pendulum are among the best and most creative she's made. If any mistakes was made, it was releasing Bon-Apetit. Instead she should have opted for Witness and Hey, Hey, Hey as third and fourth singles and closed the era with Swish Swish (along with a better music video). Katy Perry has always been an artist more inspired by Alanis Morissette than Madonna, MJ, Janet, Mariah or any of the alike. She's been more in the pop-rock adult top 40 folder of music and continues to be. 10 years ago, that kind of music had it easy to reach the top of the charts - look at P!nk and Kelly Clarkson also having several #1s. As someone wrote, the music that tops the charts is more hip-hop, rnb and Ariana (basically, music with less bold melodies and instruments). So yeah, Katy is unlikely to get a number 1 single this era. Yeah, she is not as dominant as she was 10 years ago. But neither is P!nk or Kelly Clarkson even though continuing to achieve great successes with their music. Her album might still top the Billboard 200 and be a great success. An album not reaching the world domination that Teenage Dream and Prism achieved does not mean it's a flop. Never Really Over peaked at #15, while topping the dance club charts, it reached the top 10 of the adult top 40 and almost cracked the top 10 (11) on the Mainstream top 40. I hope she includes Never really over on the forthcoming album, but still... don't write her off. She is an artist who chose to ignore chart success in an era where most artist delay their albums because Covid doesn't allow them to promote as aggressively. In this time, Katy Perry gives us her music and continues to thrive.
  6. Here is a presentation of Swedish pop music and our royalty (and Gods). OVERLORDS Most current pop musicians refer to ABBA as an inspiration. Not only in Sweden... However, my favourites are probably As Good As New, Lay All Your Love On Me, Voulez-Vous, When All Is Said And Done and The Winner Takes It All. QUEEN She has been hugely popular in Sweden since she got her breakthrough in the mid 90s. She had a creative resurrection in the mid 00s which also gave her a UK #1 and some club hits in the US. Too many good songs to mention, but I love Be Mine, Call Your Girlfriend, Time Machine and Show Me Love. Also The Girl And The Robot with Röyksopp is great. PRINCESS Not all princesses become queens, and we'll see what happens to Zara. But while this might not her biggest international hit (it cracked onto the hot 100 and peaked at #3 in the UK) it was the song that turned her from child sensation to actual pop star in her native Sweden. KINGS Sweden men haven't quite been as successful internationally as female singers. However, they have been very popular nationally and there are many contenders for the position of king (and I guess this is where most people might disagree with me). This band broke through in the 90s and have been hugely popular since then. Let me give you Kent. PRINCE The prince who'll never grow up to be a king. Avicii has many well-known songs, I chose this because of how the church bells rang this song when he had died (and because it features another Swedish singer, Sandro Cavazzo). I do have two honorary mentions... While ABBA might be the undisputed overlords, Roxette is the Swedish band with most Billboard hot 100 #1s (4), and this song is a national treasure. And while speaking of national treasures, Sweden has a singer who has been huge nationally since 1983 but never had any international success outside of the Eurovision Song Contest, Carola. This is her latest entry, back in 2006:
  7. Dua is great, but somehow I find it stupid to make a song called Let's get physical, make a workout video to it and not in any way reference Olivia Newton-John's Physical. This rip-off would be ok to me if she just explicitly referenced ONJ somewhere.
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