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    music The music in PREROGATIVE adv

    Oh ha ha phew! I was worried it might of come across badly
  2. nwonder

    music The music in PREROGATIVE adv

    wasn’t intended as shady towards Brit but sorry if came off that way
  3. nwonder

    music The music in PREROGATIVE adv

    Omg yes! I can already envision the lyrics... They say my pie is crusty, it needs some more sauce. That’s apple perogative.
  4. Ha I wonder how much Brit’s team paid!? Smart move though for once from them
  5. It’s always funny to watch the dancers behind to see what the actual choreo is meant to be like
  6. Good. I sincerely hope that they did!
  7. Oh lordy! There’s no defending Britney here, sadly. And as much I hate to say it... I’m glad she’s being called out. You can’t charge your fans the amount of money you’re charging and disgrace them with whatever that was. We’ve had a couple tours now (since her comeback) and clearly choreography just isn’t working for her. Its just sad to see. Time to let it go and take a new direction with her performances I feel. IDK. Am I being too harsh?