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  1. I haven’t smoked weed since I was 17 years old
  2. My mood has been pretty mellow today and feels very ‘when your eyes say it’
  3. nwonder

    True Crime

    I just watched this one and Kara is a damn hero. What a fighter! I hope she knows how many lives she saved due to her bravery I stan As for the disgusting coward, I hope he rots. Thanks for recommending, I’d never heard of this case
  4. nwonder

    True Crime

    Urgh yessss. its actually really scary how powerful pedos are. Did you hear about the case of Jill Dando in the 90s? She was a famous journalist who was about to publish an article exposing famous pedos but she went conveniently went missing just before.
  5. nwonder

    True Crime

    Oooh thank you!! Will give these a watch. The Lori Vallows case makes me seethe.
  6. nwonder

    True Crime

    Any fellow true crime heads out there? What have you been watching? I’ve watched the Dahlia case recently and it’s a scream... Recommended watching: I love you now die The case against adnen syed The Rebecca Zahou case Chris Watts documentary The disappearance of Susan Powell
  7. Cute. And there’s even a pink boobney cameo too
  8. She’s just hanging out watching Buffy and then *** and the city
  9. It was kinda cool to hate on Brit around that time and a lot of celebs took shots at her but Amu took it way too far and those comments are disturbing to say the least. I know she defended Brit in 2007 and said some supportive things but (as far as I know) she’s never apologised or acknowledged those threats she made
  10. So it’s okay for people to go around making violent threats about strangulation as long as they don’t mean it?... Really!? You can see the ontd post back in 2004 about it and they even posted the link to audio interview but it’s been removed now. But the comments confirm its true. https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/131635.html?page=2 https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/evanescence-s-amy-lee-how-i-would-beat-up-britney-spears/
  11. I mean, a negative opinion on someone and a threat of violence are two different things.
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