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  1. I know. It’s crazy! ..and she actually looks younger now I still remember her in save the last dance. It’s also so weird to me that’s she’s now Beyoncé’s step sister.
  2. I have to admit, I kinda loved her even though she was bat sh!t Justice for Kendra
  3. Damn...Her swag hurrrrr was real.
  4. Aww he is adorable and the remix actually sounds better than the originaL (I always thought the production was a bit too noisey on the OG)
  5. Rebellion is that one leak we will never get people out here getting murdered so that the powers that be can keep that song under lock and key
  6. Urgh I wish they’d release the full version of this. She sounds so good.
  7. As much I live for new Brinny sounds, I really don’t want new music from her till all this mess is over. I wouldn’t mind some new leaks tho...
  8. Some of my best friends identify as LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 ...Aka my friends are black so I can’t be racist defence. You can say enough all you want, Lou bag but you’ve been exposed for the sh!t stain that you are.
  9. She doesn’t have the range ...but those leeches will still try to squeeze every penny out of her.
  10. Urgh... she went overboard. So sad to see. Snippet of new song ‘New Kings’ I like.
  11. Why didn’t you hussle this hard with the promotion for glory Larry?
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