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  1. Yes, I imagine so It's weird tho, the title made me think the article was going to be way more scandalous than it actually was. I feel like there's more to it since Its very particular in saying creepiest in the business. But who knows? Thought it was worth posting anywho.
  2. https://gossip.thedirty.com/gossip/hollywood/larry-rudolph-is-the-creepiest-manager-in-the-business/#post-481280
  3. nwonder

    Is Shadow about JT?

    I dunno. But just came in here to say that shadow is one of my all time favourite Brinny songs. It is sublime and just a really special song to me.
  4. I hope she’ll be able to fire papa cheese grits one day... one day soon. And I hope it will be dramatic af like this:
  5. To me, she actually looks extremely angry and aggitated in the pics Jason whereas she looks completely numb and emotionless in these recent pics.
  6. Nurse Lou-ched makes me sick. Her comments on JL’s insta posts make cringe e.g ‘Love you madly’
  7. This comment killed me... who's running that place? nurse Ratched? That would be Nurse Lou
  8. I’m confused by the whole thing, my first thoughts are that they’re actually making it look like she’s deathly ill to justify committing her and the ‘we thought she would die’ narrative but the press release has thrown me off.... And I guess the end goal is to capitalise off this hype and have her back on stage before the end of 2019 so they slowly need to show her getting better and then be like, hey everyone she’s fine again, we all rallied around her to save her life and now she just wants to get back to normalcy and perform again’. Tbh no matter how powerful and I fly team B are, they have always been deeply stupid. They probably have no idea what they’re doing whilst this woman’s life is theirs to play with. BASTARDS.
  9. The difference between her demeanour here: before the whole free Britney thing took off and now is actually really scary. Her team are quite obviously trying to push narratives on us. First, it’s looks she’s fine... she’s just there for a bit ‘me’ pampering time. ...And now it’s, look she’s ‘deathly’ ill and she’s needs to get better
  10. Disgusting. Hospital facilities like these generally have private exits, right? Like people have said above looks extremely staged. SAD, SAD, SAD all round.
  11. OMG Is this actual footage of Lou-botomy Taylor trespassing into people’s home and cleansing gay spirts?
  12. They can no longer count on the majority of fan support (hopefully).
  13. Yes. His been waiting to strike and his just clout chasing/ trying to shift the public perception. He is just as bad as team B and he blackening the name of Free Britney by his association.