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    music We need hype like this

    It was cool but it went a bit toooo long I think. However, the main hype came from the fact everyone thought Britney had her comeback era under her wing and was about to come back like she was in 2004. Brian Friedman was talking about her amazing dance routines, her management was saying how her album was a monster, we had a stream of great Candids, photo shoots, glee, promo schedule leaked etc and we really thought Brit was BACK. I think it’s hard to have massive hype now because since 2008 we’ve been waiting for Britney to show love and care for her craft. The hype on HIAM literally died as she went fishing then stumbled through the routine and sat down for the dance breakdown and that’s kinda set the tone for Britney since imo. Until she ups her game, and embraces a rebrand, we’re only getting hyped for 1 or 2 lipsynched zumba routines and awkward interviews.
  2. I think it’s hard to accept but Britney no longer has the typical Britney look unless her make-up is done VERY well. Her eyes, lips, nose and cheeks have all been altered so she really has lost that signature look imo. And in candids she looks so unkempt that she doesn’t even look like current-ney.