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  1. That’s fair, in my little fan head it’s a metaphor for her 2007 troubles- but I really know it’s not haha i do like her voice on it though. It felt like the rawest, deepest vocals on Circus which generally felt quite pitched up.
  2. Really unpopular opinion, but I think it’s overrated by the fans. It’s a really good album track but I feel like it was just a nice song that got submitted and she laid down vocals for it. I doesn’t really speak to me as a Britney song, it feels like it could be on any singer’s album at the time. I like the vibes of it and I’m glad Glory finally allowed her to explore this more moody, synth style and I think most of the tracks there are just better more fully realised versions of Unusual You. I think Blur, Mannequin and Phonography are three really underrated gems on Circus. Either way great to see her recognised in a positive light anyway!
  3. This was when I was first becoming a fan. I don’t understand how she was doing this and the circus MV choreo and then never since really gave us anything more than Armogrpahy and strutting around. honestly I think this rivals some of her best routines.
  4. Maybe unpopular opinion but this is one of my favourite ever shots from her. She looked so so good around this time. Very limited ‘fun stuff’ to her face, great hair colour, healthy, fit body. Some of her best ever candies come from this time, too.
  5. This is true. We were told a week before hand by Jordan (I think) that she was rehearsing this as a one off performance for a show later that week. Pretty sure we got the song name and the exact date it was going to happen- there were shows between the leak and the actual performance so it was specifcally planned.
  6. Her website at the time did a full feature on all the different elements of the outfit, and feel like they made a big deal out of the red shoes. I don’t know how to access archived web pages though so sorry that is no use to you! I clearly remember that as it was sort of the turning point in Britney’s promo efforts. There was zero TV promo, Britney did nothing more than tweet the MV link, but her website was trying to push weird fashion spotlights as promos. It was very 2009, like create-your-own-look style thing.
  7. I absolutely loved this piece of choreo. It’s actual choreo; legs and arms both moving. Unfortunately she didn’t execute it that well most of the time, though it looks good in that video. POM had quite a few good actual dance moments, many more than FFT and Circus, unfortunately she scrapped as she went and developed ticks after the amazing-ness that was POM 2.0.
  8. What the actual ****. This is very, very messed up. I've not logged on to comment on any story that's been coming out this year as so much of it is subjective and up for debate, but if Jamie Spears genuinely physically assaulted one of the boys that is just horrific. I have no idea what is going on, but I truly hope Britney is on her way to getting a safe and secure support environment around her. ****. In the 10 years I've been a fan, this is the saddest thing I've logged in to see.
  9. Maybe unpopular opinion; but this is one of the most natural and beautiful shoots of her career.
  10. Do fans really believe Lou and Larry were forcing Brit to make cringey videos, lip sync, not take care of her hair, get surgery? Truth be told a lot of fans probably want Britney to be more like the Britney her team would rather her be. I’ve said it for years, Britney career wise has been doing things her way for a long time. That’s why we’re getting messed up costumes, cut choreo, CD vocals etc she openly says she would never go back to working how she did. I think getting mad etc is understandable, but it’s not doing anything. Britney has literally said ‘I post my own stuff’ why would Lou want her posting hectic dance routines and fashion shows? Her team have so much to answer for, but by focusing on stuff like this, it undermines the real **** they do, and sort of vindicates them and sets up the crazy stan narrative.
  11. Why are people complaining? This is Britney. Fashion shows, workouts, chintzy quotes. She has always been this way. She tells ya she’s boring, just a normal person, we know she’s not a super deep, artsy political force. Her insta is feeling very much her atm, and it has done for years. There was a marked change when she started posting iPhone videos during POM. Because she always does it now we forget, but not too long ago her insta was solely promotional images. Britney’s rebellion/emancipation is not going to be the same as 2007, which we often romanticise. Britney being ‘free’ will not be her posting essays and in the studio, it will be her googling corn, quotes and flouncing around her house.
  12. haha I'm really not like that, I didn't see a single move in Domination rehersals that I found interesting. But the 2 floor moves in this rehersal are better than any move in the final MM routine, which was the definition of basic.
  13. Like every other good choreo since the Mannequin rehearsal... scrapped.
  14. It’s hard to judge an unfinished product, but I can see why it ‘didn’t work’ now. The G-Eazy scene with him stimulating penetration is too much imo, it’s smutty. The storyline is bizarre. The death/mouth-to-mouth is almost like a piss take. The dancing is nothing special. HOWEVER I have watched this rough version more times in a day than the released MV ever. At least there is something to it. There’s grandeur, vision, the beginning of a storyline, controversy, effects etc. If Britney wasn’t comfortable then good on her for shutting it down and the BTS videos plus this leak does feel awkward, overly **** in a cheap way and it doesn’t fit the mood of the song. It is such a pity that they couldn’t have worked it out. Both the director calming down a little and Britney and him coming to an agreement of where the production should go. Honestly more input from Britney during the planning and concept stage could have avoided this. My issue is the product we did get was trash. MM video is something I’d expect from a Disney kid’s first video trying to break into the industry. Glory had a lot of potential and showed growth for Britney and she spoke about it passionately, but the video, the VMA performance, Vegas performance and other side promos like Carpool etc were so damn boring. As a visual performer her videos and performances are what stir up hype and the released version killed it. The views for a video released in 2016 are dire. It’s literally an album cover shoot that was turned into a video last minute. TL:DR The leaked version is messy af and I can see why Britney didn’t like it, but her and LaChappelle should have worked together to put out a product they could both stand by or invest time and money and go a different direction with someone else. What we did get is crap and is as much of a blot on her videography as BJ is on her discography.
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