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  1. Who can she trust Bring Me Home Fallin’ Mona Lisa Demo HQ State of Grace Demo HQ Heaven on Earth Demo HQ Baby Can't You See
  2. Can't wait to hear this!!!! I never noticed towards the end of the song on the "I'm" part she also does a little falsetto ad-lip there. It's heavenly. Speaking of heavenly... Please do Heaven on Earth!
  3. I listened i wish it didn’t have the filter! And im sure no one can edit it to make it sound like her (CRYING)
  4. This is the only one I know of. It starts at 2:27
  5. Yes here you go! http://www.dirrtyremixes.com/post/remixes-britney-spears-slumber-party/
  6. I know! Sounds like there are some good high notes/Adlibs!! Why must they do this to us?!
  7. I never knew of this!!! We gotta find it!
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