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  1. 17 hours ago, over-protected-life said:

    Remember when Britney did that thing with her hands where it looked like they were shaking from nervousness? 

    she just did it again in the recent show 


    she also looks so scared while she's up there :bthink:

    Video is nor available 

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  2. 2 hours ago, BritneySpearsGr said:

    I agree with you.

    she is over, and I don’t see any intention of correcting things

    the show is really cheap indeed and boring! 

    Plus Britney lives in her own world! She thinks its just “fun and cool” and that’s all

    as far as people are going  to see her, she will think that what she is doing is cool

  3. 2 minutes ago, STJ said:

    yeah physically she's super fit. but she has nerves problems (or something else that's not easy to tell from the surface).

    like when i give speeches in front of ppl in school, i would often move my leg a lot and my teacher teased me that i'm dancing like elvis lol... i feel like the hair fixing, the arm spasms are similar to this.

    Sheprobably gets nervous, we all know that. That doesn't mean that she has good choreos to do and she ruined them. The choreos are really bad anyway

  4. 2 minutes ago, STJ said:

    i really don't believe it's the choreographer's fault. something happened to her, it's only herself who can fix this problem. pretty sure choreographer didn't tell her to wave her hand/arm randomly, it's like she's showing signs of severe anxiety disorders or stage nerves problems.   it's something she has to fix, take a few years off etc...  

    From how I see it, she keeps pushing on when her body and mind have already given up.  Any sane person can see this in the lack of soul/sparks in her eyes (i'm atheist this is just a figure of speech, i dont believe in souls) but she basically looks like a doll and not a sentient being with the new M&G photos. 

    She really needs to take a break and find herself again and fix whatever issues she's having. Cuz like i don't wanna go to see her like this, it's not embarassing, it's painful to watch your idol pushing herself beyond her limits (it's not about skills, it's about the passion/the drive it's simply not there).

    She still has energy, the body, flexibility, she is fine with these. The problem is that she cant even get the rhythm. She needs also to STOP FIXING HER FCKN HAIR EVERY SECOND 

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