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  1. zone

    music i don't get the hate for pretty girls

    The video is actually nice, colourful with a lot of cool different scenes, but i hate the little dialogue in the car, if it was minus this scene it would be great
  2. zone

    exhale SOS

    Noooo 2 more months are way too much, i give her 20 mins untill she posts a silly pic in the kitchen while the kids are doing their homework
  3. zone

    socialney Jamie lynn on instagram

    Dear Jamie Lynn can you please go and check what is Britney doing in her room and let us know? Its been a while! - message sent
  4. zone

    socialney Jamie lynn on instagram

    Maybe she forgot her instagram password
  5. What is this stpid pointless thread, will they ever stop editing videos for any artist out there?
  6. zone

    music but i'm not gonna ask you for nothing

    I should be tag on this, god luv me still sounds so good after all these repeats