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  1. Im just putting this out there? Would she slay them?
  2. The "everybody mad" dance was everywhere on Instagram. There was even an instagram of Britney dancing her cheerleading moves with "everybody mad" dubbed over it captioned "Britney shows Beyonce how it's done" and everybody remembers Beyonce's Coachella outfit.
  3. I don't think Britney was trying to make an impact for 20 years, but she definitely wanted to be talked about the next day.
  4. I know this site is biasee towarda Britney, but I remember Beychella being a big thing. Oops I did it Again is still remembered 20 years later, and had a huge impact at the time, spurring imitations (on that lip synching show that MTV had on at the time). I remember talking about it in class a year later back in high school. We all know no one remembers Beyonce VMA 2016, but Beychella was a big thing. It still produces imitations (people did it for their prom things) and on Lip Sync Battle. Lots of people were looking forward to Beychella. Which was more iconic. Will people remember Beychella 20 years from now?
  5. That caused her to actually look like she enjoys performing and not be dorky anymore?
  6. I honestly think they are keeping meds from her. She seemed to have the right cocktail in 2016. She seemed lucid and wanted out of it and it seemed like a judge would approve it. Now, she seems really off and strange and its less likely she can get out out of it.
  7. She had some swagger return. You could see it in her performance of DYWCO and the Triple Ho performance. Even the VMA's was good (not 2001 good but good). Does she purposly dance dorky when she's unhappy? is it the right cocktail of meds that returned her to her prior self?
  8. The barbz and 69's fans did it without playlisting and radio with 112 k pure sales. They did it with just buying the song and youtube. Mood ring only got 25 k pure sales. The fanbase was much bigger even in 2013. Discuss
  9. Freedom from the conservatorship. Insta videos doing the original coreography from Toxic and Slave 4 U. Pic from the studio with Snoop Dogg. 4 #1 singles and a #1 album Jawdropping superbowl performance. Stadium tour.
  10. It affected my face. You can search accelerated aging and iuds/mirena. I had an iud and I went from looking 28 to 70 within a few months. I had it taken out 2.5 years ago and my face still hasn't recovered. People say I look in my early 30's now, but I miss peopke gasping and saying "I thought you were younger!" When I said my age. The progesterone downregulates estrogen receptors. The alpha receptors are responsible for collagen and hylaraunic acid production. Im almost certain that's what was given to Britney because that's easier for them. I guarantee if she gets it taken out her face will recover.
  11. I just want her to take out the iud she's had in since femme fatale and go on the pill. The iud is wrecking her face.
  12. Honestly, I think she got an IUD which aged her badly. I made a thread about it once and it got deleted.
  13. Does someone live with her and makes sure she takes them. Or do they leave that up to her?
  14. Because Britney was Lolita for the adults and barbie for the children and the first to do Lolita/Barbie. Once she got older she kept it going with her stage presence/shock factor/coreography at the VMAs. Once she got even older she had Madonna and the Toxic music video. Her career was based on controversy and her ability to entertain. No 17 year old hot blond girl can do the same thing. Its already been done. Only Rihanna was as entertaining as Britney (and that wasnt till Loud) and she came close (her WFL era was similar to Britney's ITZ era) but Rihanna never had the Lolita/Barbie thing to caupualt her into BOMT or Oops era Britney fame.
  15. So that SNL skit was right. Why do we watch this trainwreck? Because of who she was before the mental illness? This poor girl. I hope she finds happiness at least. What happened after 2016. She was semi normal back then
  16. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1Zu5djhGCE/?igshid=q6xrerpppuau
  17. The camera adds 20 lbs. I don't know why this is news to her after 20 years in the biz. That's what concerns me. She acts like she just got famous. This is very MK Ultra -ey. Why cant she find a decent psychiatrist is what I want to know. There's plenty of holistic ones who want to minimize medication if she feels she is being drugged. I know the conservatorship is too restrictive. And I wonder why she cant get the help that she needs. It does not look like they're working in her best interests. -
  18. Britney should see this lady: https://drdunckley.com/tag/integrative-psychiatry/
  19. Ok. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but would it benefit Britney to see a holistic psychiatrist? There are plenty of MDs who like to focus on nutrition instead of meds. Britney would have to give up dairy, sugar, carbs and grains, but we would know she has her full faculties..
  20. She looks so hideous in candids. She needs to stop calling the paparazzi
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