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  1. Oh wow what an old hag you have become
  2. Yess I love the blue ughhh what an album. I can’t at this yellow nonsense tho omg not a concept at all. I hope whoever tried it with that mess was FIRED!
  3. See now this is where we are gonna have some problems
  4. Sounds like a plan. Love being a skinny legend who can fit in the overhead compartment. Mariah found binge eating. Oh hmm a Paolo seems a bit unrealistic sis. Maybe try for like a bob or a mark instead? Dont remember lil kim having a concert recently. Unless you were meaning cardi b?
  5. Like a bottle of fine wine I just get better with time unlike you who is more like a bottle of butterfly water Oh well that’s a choice Ugh I will give it a listen sometime sis. When that time comes I shall let you know.
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