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  1. Yas bootleg lamb cancelled Idk were not worthy of them. Although sometimes I think I am Did you watch Mariah's genius interview? Not her throwing that shade at through the rain
  2. My brother introduced me to it. I was so shook. Heartbreaker by skinny legend was the first song I ever downloaded. Do you remember yours? Oh? You must not be streaming on premium services. Can't relate
  3. Yes our sis cautions needs ha streams. You can show justice to glitter at a later date
  4. Got my physical copy btw. It's #beautiful Imagine huge posters of the caution and in the zone album covers side by side on the wall. WIG. Skinny blue legends.
  5. Glitter is everything. Have you not listened to it before? The bops, the ballads omg so glad it's getting the love and attention it deserves now. I didn't mean to turn you on >>>>>> Idk why it's not on streaming services. Mariah owns that album yet she doesn't do anything with it. It was on there briefly a few years back.
  6. We're you? Omg you old hag An era tho. I still have my two CD wallets filled of burnt CDs lol Streaming hashtag caution will put all your affairs in order and ease your stress. It's clinically proven.
  7. I've listened to the album 10 times today. On my 11th now
  8. We love a bootleg lamb. Serving me circa 2006 snatching all ha songs off limewire I'm good how are you?
  9. I can see why you would dismiss it. It was kinda weird upon first listen