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  1. Arckangel

    music Britney Talks New Music!

    You see, Jordan! That's the consequence of the "Myah Jean" conspiracy.
  2. Mmm... Between both options, I'd of course choose the second one. The idea of her mic completely turned off during all the songs during her own headlining, paid concert his just... You know—awkward, and even embarrassing. IMO, miming is still totally acceptable on TV shows (esp. those known for their miming format), and even Céline Dion and Mariah Carey, two TOP vocalists, still occasionally mime on TV. Music videos, of course, are always mimed (except for certain live videos), and musical numbers in TV series and movies may also be mimed. When it comes to actual concerts, people expect live music and singing. Some of the music may be prerecorded; say, there is violin in a song, but no live violinist. Backing tracks may also beef up live instruments. As for the vocals, singing over a backing track, esp. during a highly energetic dance show like Brit's, is totally acceptable, but it should be much louder than 30%!!! 30%... That's not even a third (33.3%) of the volume of the CD vocals... At such a low level, her live vocals are drowned out and not really noticeable (more felt than actually heard). Brit said last year: "It's a mixture of her voice and a little bit of playback." In that case, her mic feed should be at at least 60%. Ironically, 60% is the passing mark at many schools (incl. those in Quebec where I'm from). 60%, more than half, that's good. Her live vocals are heard but she still gets enough support from the backing track (and backup singers if they are used). And when it comes to live ballads, it could go up to 80% or more. Now, a few numbers could have louder CD vocals, but it'd need to be a few numbers only. That's how I'd set up the show. @pgl @Steel Magnolia