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  1. Mr_Steven_Spears

    tour Meet and Greets are now $2000

    I think they have done it so she doesn’t have to do like 40 per night. She properly have about 10-15 ? But for that much I’d want more interaction not just a photo op.
  2. I want get naked on the set list! It screams domination also Toy Soldier!
  3. M&g Vegas ones are so worth it better then the tour ones. She actually looks happy in the Vegas ones.
  4. We’ll see on opening night if this is true Pom was a good show - in Vegas. They need to up the production I want circus tour production!
  5. onyx hotel didn’t have a catwalk
  6. Big let down tbh she would of been better announcing on social network. I like the name it shows there is a theme which they better stick to. I really want the show to be like Madonna’s girlie show/Erotica in terms of vibe. I get Blackout vibes to from the posters - and this is a good thing. I just hope to god Britney works her arse of up until the show date. And put on a great show. Worry I have is they cut scenes from the WB video and Make me video because it was to sexual so for her to take on a name like this she need to fully get into the character of a dominatrix - because that’s what I’m expecting anyway. Plus side me and my friend are actually talking of booking Vegas because we saw Pom on tour and we both agreed it looked better in Vegas.
  7. This sounds good! Really hope the production is high end.
  8. Need to start saving because I want to see this show in Vegas! PoM looked better in Vegas then on tour and it’s just the experience of seeing a show in Vegas plus seeing Britney and I have missed the weekly videos of her performing while she was in Vegas at least we had something to keep us talking. I’m ready for this new era, I’m all for it. Shes happier in Vegas I just want her to put 110% into it. But I have faith she will
  9. Mr_Steven_Spears

    socialney Britney Teases New Vegas Residency!

    I get dark vibes which is a good thing How good would it be if she surprise releases an album tonight!
  10. The new show needs to have a theme POM was basically a greatest hits show. Also she should include non single songs to keep it fresh. The theme should have the production Circus and Dwad tour I mean if she’s being paid that much per show surely the money is being pumped into the show and they want to out do planet Hollywood.
  11. Mr_Steven_Spears

    video This is worse than 2007 VMAs

    Actually sadder to watch the then vmas. There were rumours of another breakdown happening behind the scenes during this time, but once again her team pushed out to perform and this was the resault
  12. Isn’t Madonna doing the same? I don’t get how releasing music on Netflix will work