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  1. Mr_Steven_Spears

    socialney [NEW] Instagram video with Sam

    And rehearsals, Making new music
  2. Mr_Steven_Spears

    video i need this interlude for Domination

    They need something like this for the opening - get the crowd hyped.
  3. Mr_Steven_Spears

    socialney Gorgeous New Prerogative Ad

    The way britney is now work ethic wise yes this should be applied maybe make it 2/3 though weeks of back to back filming! Imagine they could film 2,3 maybe 4 singles back to back along with added photo shoots to use. And some little teaser clips.
  4. Mr_Steven_Spears

    exhale How Much You Wanna Bet Britney Will...

    I think we will get 1 Main crowd interaction 2-3 songs in, another Lap dance in the middle then ‘Thanks Vegas’ At the end
  5. Mr_Steven_Spears

    exhale When east meets west

  6. Gimme me Jive over RCA anyday
  7. Mr_Steven_Spears

    socialney Gorgeous New Prerogative Ad

    Her perfumes give the company millions of dollars and the investment pays off so they can afford to give these fierce ads. Just imagine if her team actually done this with her music
  8. Mr_Steven_Spears

    exhale Jonathan Ross interview 2016

    I wish the stuff they cut out made it to air her talking about c-ship and that would of made it better. She looked so good on this to flawless queen. I doubt the stuff was cut will ever leak either
  9. Mr_Steven_Spears

    socialney Gorgeous New Prerogative Ad

    I’d take anything at this point tbh this Britney drought is unreal
  10. Mr_Steven_Spears

    socialney Gorgeous New Prerogative Ad

    Those defo look like music lyrics Come on Britney and her team be smart and let this be part of her new album trail I would die if they actually are doing what I think they are doing
  11. Mr_Steven_Spears

    socialney Gorgeous New Prerogative Ad

    I starting to think the whole perfume advert is actually going to be tied in with her new album, just the small music teasers something about it I could be reaching lol and I think her team wouldn’t think of doing something like that. But it would be smart move to have her new music under our noses this whole time She looks stunning in this the whole Perogative campaign is amazing visually to.
  12. Mr_Steven_Spears

    exhale Britney interviewed by Carl Tuckerson on CNN

    She was over that interview before it even started my chewing gum trait stems from Britney also
  13. Mr_Steven_Spears

    news TMZ: Courtney Love files restraining order against Sam Lutfi

    Guy needs locking up! He’s a nothing but a leech who goes for vulnerable people evil guy
  14. Mr_Steven_Spears

    exhale Surprises And Snubs: The 2019 Grammy Awards Nominations

    Grammys and Britney don’t go together they have snubbed her for years, it’s a travesty she only has one tbh