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  1. If Brenda finds nothing wrong with this case then Jamie and Lou have paid there way once again to continue to keep britney as a prisoner. Like come on the writing is on the wall everywhere how shady this c-ship has been since it started! They really are doing anything now to keep britney away from any sort of freedom. They may of let the restraints go a little let britney have a small taste of freedom but then snatch it all away again and force her back into performing! Ahh this makes me so sad and angry 😡☹️
  2. So she must of been given more freedom to use Instagram then ? I really hope this investigation finds all the dodgy dealings I mean if we can find it surely they can find it and find out exactly where and how her money has been spent. I definitely think some laundering has happened to I mean they properly knew this day would come so it wouldn’t shock me if it comes out that there has been fraud going on.
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