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  1. I’m worried they’re going to try to kill Britney, live off royalties. Legitimately, they’re f**king delusional...
  2. It Britney is under control, bound by this conservatorship, then applying pressure on her team is important. So much of what I’m seeing in support of #FREEBRITNEY is outlandish, tactless, and downright crazy. It’s turning me off, and would easily make us look nuts to the GP. If we want to make an impact, then let’s get more organized. Tactful, consistent efforts to find the TRUTH. As of right now, this thread is highlighted by glimpses of truth, and the rest is just chaos.
  3. She's been working since she was a little girl. More than most people. In her prime she worked all the time. She got burned hard and is now over it. Let it be.
  4. Instead of posting some "clever" thread about how Britney is no longer relevant because you're a desperate sub-bottom who needs an outlet, attention, and validation by living vicariously through someone who's actually successful in life.... REQUEST!
  5. I'm here at Jingle Bash! She slayed the audience's lives the crowd was living for her! also her hair fell out of a messy bun twice and she called Tinashe Tinasha again LMFAO
  6. Done. I only typed in my name, will it still count if it thanked me for voting and such?
  7. Loving the No Seas Cortes support in here
  8. It's a perfect opportunity for a hit 1. It's current yet new and fresh for Brit 2. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U.S. this is big because Spanish speakers make up a large portion of radio listeners. 3. It's such a good song and really showcases her voice please label make a good decision and make it a single
  9. How incredible What You Need is? so underrated true queen
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