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  1. I don’t know but I’d be content with whatever she chooses (even retiring). I also hope this shines the right a light on handler/guardianship abuse.
  2. I haven’t watched but the original Work ***** choreo should always be kept for that song - I can’t see it ever being topped unless Britney wants to ever push herself.
  3. Is he not quoting her infamous candies vid from ‘09 when she described one of the outfits as peasanty?
  4. It’s insane how much money she/team Con made for how little she did.
  5. There’s a certain unique magic about the circus tour/era.
  6. Does anyone else find it strange from a sales/marketing point of view Domination’s debut was SO close to POM ending?? Like they did really think those who had just seen her were eager to buy tickets again?
  7. Low key want her to praise her, so people here start calling her Lindsay Louhan
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